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    How do open this up???

    It is simple to understand, really it is, all kegs and casks belong to breweries, no ifs, not buts. The brewery name and colour scheme are clearly visible on the OP's pic. Therefore if you see one without paperwork to support it's official sale from the brewery (an official bill of...
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    How do open this up???

    It is safest to assume all brewery casks without paperwork to say otherwise are stolen from the brewery. They represent a fair old investment on behalf of the brewery who rely on their safe return so they can be refilled and get back out to the pub trade to satisfy all those thirsty beer...
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    How do open this up???

    Incidentally, a forum moderator, giving advice on how to use a stolen cask does not reflect well on this forum. Tut tut tut.
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    How do open this up???

    Hi Kbrew. That cask belongs to Arbor ales. Can you pm me to ensure its safe return? The alternative is prosecution for theft. Kegwatch are constantly monitoring forums like this. Contact me via pm please
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    Hello, from Bristol

    There is an alliance of two clubs in Bristol, you might like to take a look at :-)
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    Progress hops

    Great in a Northern brown ale and in milds. Good hop, actually works really well as a freshly harvested (green) hop.
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    Table for CO2 pressure Vs size of cylinder

    50 Bar or around 850 psi, if you prefer. The pressure remains constant until the cylinder is nearly empty and then drops rapidly. There is some slight variation depending on ambient temperature.
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    CO2 Refills in the Southwest

    You don't need an invite, you are more than welcome.
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    CO2 Refills in the Southwest

    Ya beat me to it lardy! I pm'd the op to explain it and mentioned bcb too.
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    Club Only Competitions 2012

    Do you have a list of clubs that are affiliated to CBA (UK)?
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    National Homebrew Competition - Bristol, 3 September 2011

    Copied from Ali, the competition organisers twitter feed, subject to confirmation. Feedback sheets will be posted. American Pale Ale; 1 Richard Pearce, 2 Steve Syson, 3 Roger Parry American Amber & Brown Ales: 1&2 Graeme Coates, 3. Adrian Chapman ESB: 1. Andrew Jardine, 2. Paul Russel, 3...
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    Tusker anyone heard of it

    Google is your friend ... ac306dd28e Seems to be a la(r)ger
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    cheap co2 near braintree essex????? Allegedly £45 to buy the gas bottle then £5 per refill.
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    grape wine

    I know what you meant but I couldn't resist :grin: I too use cheap 'drinking' grape juice as a base for my (fruit) wines. :thumb:
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    grape wine

    Better tell all the wine producers in the world that gem of information.
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    plastic keg

    Norm does "bargain kegs" at £60 for two delivered with one pair of disconnects. Why the feck would you want to pay more than that? Need another pair of disconnects - thats around £10 if you look around. Just ask him or wait 'till he puts them on ebay -
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    whats the worst?

    Never got into rhubarb or plum wines, anything with a large percentage of dried fruit (raisens, sultanas etc) tastes too much like sherry for me.
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    Gravity Readings

    I've stopped being obsessed with taking readings to the extent that I don't do any.
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    Cooper's Mexican Cerveza....?

    I have it on the go at the moment sat in a budget barrel awainting a free corney. I'll be able to day what the wife thinks but it's not going to get sampled for at least a month.