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    Angram Beer engines

    I have 'found' a pair of Angram beer engines with glass cylinders, they don't appear to have any suction. Anything obvious that I should be looking out for when I dismantle them? One of them has a slightly broken plastic part where the beer out line connect to the cylinder to go to the swan...
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    Is it typical to achieve 75% efficiency for an AG brew? Can you realistically achieve more? I am interested because I have been analysing some of my old recipes with a view to returning to AG brewing and I was regularly achieving 75% to 78% efficiency. That was using a right cobbled together...
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    Shiney spotted on google streetview

    Zero degrees Bristol, any others?
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    Maxi 110 chiller

    In anticipation of picking a maxi 110 chiller up can anyone tell me how to set one up? Is there anything I need to know - at the moment I know nothing.
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    Dalex tap Question

    On a dalex tap, what does the rotating sleeve do? And where can I get sparkler nozzles from?
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    Chocolate in beer?

    I am interested in making a chocolate stout,a bit like the youngs double chocolate stout. Now, with their version they use a combination of chocolate malt and "chocolate flavour". I am not yet in a situation to do an AG brew, but is there anyhting I can do to tweak a kit to get a hint of...
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    "Guinness" - an old recipe - your thoughts please.

    Last made this one, "Dave Line" style, mashing with a bag suspended within a 5 Gallon brew bin - no insulation - water at 70c aiming for a mash temperature of 66c for 2 hours. Grain; 10Lb mild ale malt 1/2 Lb black malt 1 Lb roast barley 2 Lb flaked barley With a total lack of finesse I would...
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