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    Can I Grow Hops?

    I also have hops growing in my yard. Is it hop too? Can I use it too?
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    Preferred malts.

    Burnt malt is essential to achieve the desired black color in beers such as Porter, Stout, and various black ales and lagers. There are special types of roasted malt that are produced from wheat that does not contain chaff - this is wheat malt, or naked barley, or barley malt without this shell...
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    Anyone mad enough to grow their own hops?

    The same hop grows in my area near the house. I also don’t know what kind. But I never thought of using it for brewing. Or maybe this is a good idea?
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    English Ale

    Absolutely agree!
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    Cucumber wine recipe

    Cucumber wine recipe Ingredients: cucumbers - 2 kg; water - 4 l; sugar - 1.5 kg; citric acid - 60 g; sourdough or wine yeast - for 7 liters of wort. Citric acid is needed to stabilize acidity, without it the wort will not ferment normally and can turn sour or become infected with mold. If...
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    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    15 liters of english ale