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  1. Nicks90

    Who wants this guinness microdraught for Christmas?

    So this is Guinness version of the fizzics beer dispenser, but horribly complicated, using a bespoke can system and 7 times the price. Honestly who would buy this? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my fizzics draft pour, absolutely love it. Works great on bottles of HB as well as commercial cans and...
  2. Nicks90


    Had a nice little covering here near Dewsbury, maybe 2-3 inches. Hope it all goes overnight, as I am meant to be in Manchester tomorrow......
  3. Nicks90

    Employment law

    We wouldn't have let him go, it's a large shared service security team managing multiple customers. So he would have taken another customer and I would have asked another one from the team instead.
  4. Nicks90

    Employment law

    It's standard practice in a lot of IT companies I recently put one of our engineers through a security software course to support a product our customer wanted to use. It cost about £8000 A training contract was drawn up by hr that he had to stay in the company for 2 years or pay back a...
  5. Nicks90

    Order of drinking beer

    Depends on the pub, when I went to piffpaff in lodz, there are 100 pumps on offer. Take your pick and enjoy!!!! But if there was a typical and good selection in an English pub, I'd start with lager/pilsner, the English pale ales, then ipas and then stouts. Should stop any beer from overpowering...
  6. Nicks90

    Nicks90's Brewdays

    Oh cock As part of my last hbs order I got some bottle tops. I ran out of my existing crown caps with 10 bottles to go and ripped open the bag of new crown caps. These look weird, they have a plastic insert bit on them. So away I went of capped them. Strange they were a little tough to extract...
  7. Nicks90

    Calling Saison brewers

    Yep, bell saison yeast is monstrous. And you'll be amazed at how quick it carbs your bottles too, like 3 days and they're done!
  8. Nicks90

    Nicks90's Brewdays

    Bottled the lost ipa and it is as hazy as custard. Smells amazing and can't wait for this to carb up. I get a feeling the moment this is halfway carb'd I'll be tucking in before 'the hops fade' :-)
  9. Nicks90

    Nicks90's Brewdays

    AG number 85 Jester Tester First go of one of these new fangled English hops - Jester. I like the sound of these, typical earthy English hop profile with a subtle hint of fruit and blackberry. Its nearly a smash, but i like to add a little colour just for my own sensory enjoyment to make a...
  10. Nicks90

    Nicks90's Brewdays

    AG number 84 The Forgotten IPA As I completely forgot to write this one up when I brewed it, I'm calling this the lost IPA. Its my take on the Munton hazy IPA everyone seems to be raving about recently on the kit brewing bit. So very much trying to emulate what they have done and matching it...
  11. Nicks90

    Scrapping HS2 Leeds extension 'undermines' levelling up

    You would like to think so, but I doubt it. He was self serving as head of the CPS at the time of jimi Saville, and at the start of the child grooming scandals in t'north. Second jobs? Oh yeah he earnt 25k as a lawyer whilst an mp and even earnt 10grand providing advice to the govt of Gibraltar...
  12. Nicks90

    Ambulance service 'operating at its limits'

    Right, bit of a rant here and I apologise if I offend anyone or suchlike and will completely understand if the mods remove my post. 1 Million calls for an ambulance in a month? Are we seriously saying 1 in 70 people in this country had a medical emergency so critical that they needed an...
  13. Nicks90

    Muntons flagship hazy ipa - yeast? Swap or not?

    I believe the kit yeast is actually s04, which is surprising as that is normally an ale yeast for English ale. Wonder why they used that over a more traditional US ipa style yeast?
  14. Nicks90

    Nicks90's Brewdays

    OMG. I completely forgot to write up a brew that I'm about to bottle! So tomorrow I'll write up my citra mosaic ipa as ag84, even though I put it on before ag83. Ooops
  15. Nicks90

    Nicks90's Brewdays

    Got some Jester in my last HB order, some might find something nice and English to do with that. Ideas of a Jester hop recipe would be welcome
  16. Nicks90

    Nicks90's Brewdays

    Wood-bee lager pic. It's wet, alcoholic and kinda tasty actually. Too malty for a proper lager and obvs not made with a lager yeast and not lagered. But it's using European pisswater hops, so it's a lager. Seem to have lost my foo recently, too many Blahblahblah blurrrrgh beers. Sorachi IPA...
  17. Nicks90

    "Beer Masters" Amazon Prime videos

    So a competition where we get to watch other people drink beer? Sounds tortuous.
  18. Nicks90


    Ha threads can have a habit of growing arms and legs and sodding off over the horizon! All the slr's had gone when I joined. Not a single one in the armoury so never got a chance to try it out. We did have quite a collection of other 'liberated' pieces to shoot now and again. The ak47 short...
  19. Nicks90


    I used to love shooting when I was in cadets, even got the opportunity to represent the north Yorkshire cadet squadrons at the yearly Bisley and Pirbright competitions! Target shooting with the Lee Enfield no.8 and the l98a2 took discipline and concentration to get a good grouping and I...
  20. Nicks90

    Nicks90's Brewdays

    AG number 83 Big Belly Yorkshire ale The HBS order has come through and my beer stocks are looking very very low. Time to do a large brew (for me) and try to build up the stock cupboard for christmas. As i only have a 23l boiler, thei means doing a concentrated brew and back liquoring. Not...