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  1. Alderneybrew

    Coconut Porter.

    It must be something to do with the weather! Tomorrows brewday was going to be a nice summery Cali Common but whilst browsing around I found an extract recipe for a coconut porter. Sounds perfect for a winters evening, Bounty bar in a glass! I will do an all grain and have nearly all the malts...
  2. Alderneybrew

    Dry Hopping Experiment.

    Interesting article about dry hopping a bland beer to taste the flavour profile of each variety. This chap used Bud Light but I guess any boring lager (Carling) would be fine. A lot quicker than SMaSH brews! Dry Hopping Bud Light: The Hop Tasting Experiment -
  3. Alderneybrew

    Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome Tribute.

    I'm going away from my usual NEIPAs and Belgians this week and want a more winter friendly brew! Found this recipe in an old Clone Brews book I bought off ebay for peanuts and really like the sound of it. Base malt is no problem but the speciality grains are 340g 55L British Crystal Malt and...
  4. Alderneybrew

    Leaf v Pellet Hops.

    Is there an advantage to using leaf over pellet hops, or vice-versa? The price is the same, weight for weight, more or less. Which gives the best bang for your buck? I've only used leaf once, in a Belgian Dubbel, so it was only a couple of ounces in the boil. But the clean up of the hop spider...
  5. Alderneybrew

    AlderneyBrew's Brewdays.

    Tomorrow is the day. First run with the Brewzilla. Watched a few videos, read a few threads and I think I'm ready! I'm going to do an IPA, inspired by the hops in the MJ Mango kit. I'm thinking - 22l finished volume. 5kg Maris Otter. 250g Caramunich. 65C for 1 hour. 30g EKG at 60 mins. 20g mix...
  6. Alderneybrew

    Sloe Beer?

    Been picking sloes for sloe gin as there are tonnes here. Got me thinking about alternative uses for them and obviously thought about adding to beer. Did a quick google and it seems that it has been done, but by using the "spent" sloes from sloe gin. This sounds interesting, as I have a load...
  7. Alderneybrew

    Can I Grow Hops?

    Hi All, I'm really interested in growing hops next year. I'm guessing the climate here on Alderney should be good, temperature wise. But I live 100 yards from the sea and the house windows etc do get a bit of a salt coating at times! Also we get quite a lot of fog and tomatoes etc get blight...
  8. Alderneybrew

    Mangrove Jack's Saison Hop Swap.

    Just put on a MJ Belgian Saison kit. Used 1.2kg of LME instead of the 600g they recommend but brewed long to 23l to compensate. OG 1.052. 20g of Styrian Golding hops are supplied for dry hopping but I was thinking of swapping for something else as a bit of a kit tweak. Any recommendations of a...
  9. Alderneybrew

    Coopers Yeast.

    My latest AG brew was only a 10 litre experiment so decided to use up a spare sachet of yeast from a Coopers kit. It was 7g of R007, so seemed an ideal amount. OG was 1.062 and it's already at 1.010 after only 3 days! I've dry hopped it just now as I guess it's nearly done. Anyone know what...
  10. Alderneybrew

    Taking a Sample.

    When getting a hydrometer sample is it OK to take it from the FV from the tap at the bottom? Is a sample from the bottom an accurate representation of the whole brew? Saves taking the lid off etc.
  11. Alderneybrew

    Le Chouffe Attempt!

    I finally got around to doing a Le Chouffe clone. Also my first proper semi AG brew, if that's a thing?! My pot is only 17 litres so it was full to the brim during the boil. I used 2kg Pilsner Malt, 2kg lager malt, 150g wheat malt. Mashed at 65c for 1 hour in a coolbox. Sparged until the pot was...
  12. Alderneybrew

    Shelf Life of Malt.

    Hi all. As I move into the world of AG brewing I'm looking at getting a 25kg sack of crushed Maris Otter. Postage charges are a crippler to here but Amazon have it for £44.99. But it'll take me a while to use it all. Will it store for a year or so?
  13. Alderneybrew

    Mangrove Jacks LME.

    Can anyone shed any light on the difference between the Mangrove Jacks Liquid Beer Malt Enhancer 1.2kg and the Pure liquid Malt Extract 1.5kg, apart from weight?! The 1.2kg product is nearly half the price of the other.
  14. Alderneybrew

    Beekeeper - Coopers kit tweak.

    I was given a jar of Alderney honey for doing a favour for the beekeeper and remembered there was a kit tweak recipe on the Coopers website - the Beekeeper. Luckily I had all the ingredients to hand. Coopers Hefe Wheat, 1kg DME and of course the honey. I also added 500g of dextrose, well you...
  15. Alderneybrew

    My First Partial Mash.

    Waiting for the malt for my La Chouffe clone to arrive. The joys of living on an Island with a supply ship once a week, but now the crane has broken down so who knows when we'll get post or food for that matter! So as I want to try partial mash I looked for some recipes that I could do, but I...
  16. Alderneybrew

    Hello from Alderney.

    I've posted a bit on the forum already, but didn't notice this part! I live on Alderney in the Channel Islands, a 3 and a half mile long rock just off the coast of France. I got into brewing earlier this year and ruined the first few kits (well nearly, OK with a lemonade top) due to...
  17. Alderneybrew

    Yeast for Chouffe clone.

    I'm going to do a partial mash La Chouffe clone. I've got all the ingredients in my stash but possibly not the right yeast. I've got Mangrove Jacks M31, M47, Safale S33 and T58. Any of these any good?
  18. Alderneybrew

    Coopers Kit Tweak Recipes

    Planning my next brew and want to do the Coopers Abbey Blonde, from their excellent recipe website. This is the next step in my brewing "career" as it involves the use of a grain addition to the kit. The recipe says to soak 200g of crystal...
  19. Alderneybrew

    MJ Pink Grapefruit is on!

    Started my 6th kit today, the MJ grapefruit one. Really hope I nail this one as 4 of my earlier kits were a bit of a letdown, the 5th is too early to tell yet. I think I fell into every newbie trap out there. I'm a real fiddler and kept taking the lid off the FV to look and sniff, give it a...
  20. Alderneybrew

    Kit Pimping Shopping List.

    So far I've only brewed from premium kits, Bulldog, Muntons etc. As I'm an incessant fiddler I'd like to take it a step further and start pimping some basic kits up, a lot like the Coopers ones in the pimping thread. I live on a remote(ish) Island so mail order is my only option. I would like to...