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  1. Godsdog

    free to good home,collection only

    having a clear out so....rather than going in the recycler if anyone lives within driving distance of JCT 9 M6 Wednesbury drop me a pm...cheers approx. 32 swing top bottles with a crate,and two 5 gallon fermenter vessels
  2. Godsdog

    My absence,my illness,my battle for life

    As a lot of you old stagers may be aware I haven't posted for a while,chippy knew the reason but I asked him to keep stum. I can know tell you I have had a 7 week stay in hospital 5 of them in critical care after an operation to remove my stomach after being diagnosed with gastric cancer...
  3. Godsdog

    The biannual wetherspoons real ale and cider festival

    Well its that time of year again kicking the spring festival off today for the next 11 days on the 2018 spring festival. So popped in this dinner time and went through the pulls on the three third glassfuls. Amazingly not one of them was on the tasting notes pamphlet but I take that as an added...
  4. Godsdog

    Rip Sir Ken Dodd

    90 and out,a true comedy legend who could have you in tears of laughter without a trace of smuttiness or the use of profanities Rip sir Ken a rest well earned
  5. Godsdog

    The definition of unbelievability 47 daysthey should have left him to explode in my opinion. Apart from the fact that A,if he didn't eat during that time he would surely be ckose to his demise and B, if he did eat? Well I don't...
  6. Godsdog

    Sexism taken too far? SIBA should be spending more time and their resourses on the quality of the beer not nonsense like this I also notice its being promoted by a woman a miss Wise,how suprising eh?
  7. Godsdog

    New years honours list when it gets to dishing them out to treacherous undemocratic self serving slugs like Clogg I take great pride in not receiving one,wtf is awarding them?:nono:
  8. Godsdog

    Weather update

    Here in wednesbury west Mids the bloody white stuff is 8 inches deep and is still falling,local roads impassible, only upsides are its Sunday and the kiddies will love it.that's all
  9. Godsdog

    Ain't that a shame?

    Rock n Roll legend Fats Domino dies aged 89,Rip Fats
  10. Godsdog

    Rip George Young A lot of the young guns will say who? But he of the easybeats were a great band in the 60s Rip George
  11. Godsdog

    Early start today

    Off on a revisit to Dawkins brewery Bristol this morning so plenty of ale will be swishing about for a few hours,we went there last year and the owner/ brewer Glenn is the perfect host to a coachful of thirsty ale drinkers, then its a dodge around the Bristol pubs he supplies for 2/3 hours...
  12. Godsdog

    Bit of diy help required

    Built myself a little router table to do a few things around the house,tried to set it up with the router this afternoon and the rotating tool bit doesn't protrude through the hole in the table enough,the top of the bench table is 18 mm thick,the router us a titan R07W36,that I had gifted to me...
  13. Godsdog

    The annual wetherspoons real ale festival 2017

    popped in this dinner time to try some samples and had these 3,and I have to mark them all at no less than 4/5:thumb: all excellent ales and kept beautifully,i will update as I go along we have until a week on sunday so im hoping to get a fair wack of the minimum 30 on offer:whistle::lol: please...
  14. Godsdog

    Car trouble

    Just got in the car a well maintained Peugeot 207CC drove 200 yards and heard a big bang from underneath it,when its driven now there us an audible rattling coming from the drivers side to the front bonnet area,under some lying on the floor inspecting I can't see anything untoward,also there's a...
  15. Godsdog

    Being ill

    So I've had nearly the last two weeks very active painting and decorating 2 rooms for swmbo,I've had boundless energy for a 64 year old put the decorating kit away yesterday, had what for me was a light lunch(still had my wallop though).Anyway at around 11 pm last night I'm feeling a little...
  16. Godsdog

    Rip Gordon Banks

    Dies aged 79 from kidney cancer a true England legend,who can forget that magnificent save from Pele in the 1970 world cup,Rip to him
  17. Godsdog

    20 litre pot to do a full 23 litre brew?

    still ivering and overing about having a go at all grain,so if I buy a 20 litre SS pot can I brew short with enough grain and then top up with water in the fv?any links on here about how to go about it? gotta give it a go before I curl up my toes:thumb:
  18. Godsdog

    Rip Tom Petty

    Reports abound of him suffering a massive heart attack took to hospital where tests showed no brain activity and life support withdrawn,66 a great musician,songwriter three wilburys now gone rip to him
  19. Godsdog

    Crossmyloof yeasts again

    Just a quickie for those in the know,what yeast strains are their us pale ale,their belgium ale yeast and their real ale yeast.reason I ask is I'm swapping out the kit yeast that came with my black rock riwaka pa,gonna go with the us pale ale yeast to see what difference it makes which has an...
  20. Godsdog

    You tube Laughs anymore ?:thumb: