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  1. Scottyburto

    Recommend a brewery tap.

    Hi all I was gonna start a thread asking for brewery tap recommendations in and around St Albans and thought it would be interesting for others if people had any great experiences that they'd like to share. Me and my wife are visiting St Albans at the end of May for our anniversary. She has...
  2. Scottyburto

    MJ New Zealand Pilsner Hop addition

    Hi all! I'm looking for a Pilsner dry hop addition suggestion as the general consensus is that this kit is a bit flat flavour wise. I was gonna go with a standard Saaz but am open to any suggestions with reasons. If I'm not asking too much. One hop I want to avoid is the "weedy" (As my wife...
  3. Scottyburto

    Adding a grain to ginger beer to improve mouthfeel.

    Hi all What would simmering some oats with the ginger add to the final mouth feel of a ginger beer? Previously I've made ginger beer a fair few times with ginger, sugar and various fruits and I've often ended up with an alcoholic ginger ale. Any advice/ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Scottyburto

    Trub yeast re-use

    Hi all I've just used CML Haze for an MYO Indian Pale ale and was debating getting an American IPA kit from the range making it up and pouring the haze trub from my first ferment on top. I've read about yeast rinsing but I'm abit short for brew time and can't really be bothered if I'm honest...
  5. Scottyburto

    Wild hops

    Hi all I just got back from butlins skegness. Whilst there i noticed wild hops growing in large quantities on the shore side perimeter. I have no idea what variety or whether they're ready to harvest just that they were greenish moving to golden, good sized and very fragrant. I would've taken...
  6. Scottyburto

    First Wow wine brew. (not good)

    Hi all I made my first WOW using "whole berry" cranberry juice, red grape and apple. I went for the "whole berry" juice as its ingredients were mostly white grape and apple and it was 69p in heron. Tbh im really disappointed with it! It tastes ok at first but has a really dry 'opened for days'...
  7. Scottyburto

    15l bottles of water instore at Asda £3

    Hi all First thread I thought id make anyone who is interested aware that Asda are selling 15litre bottles of water instore for £3. Id imagine theyre only available at the supacentre stores but dont have a conclusive list of where. My local asda is generally very good when i call up to check...