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  1. Horners

    Employment law

    As others have said, common in the accountancy profession. Occasionally where I have hired people who have passed their exams but are still in training contracts we have had to buy them out i.e. reimburse them for the clawback their employer will exercise on them leaving. Similarly if someone...
  2. Horners

    Bottling Guns

    I have the Blichmann v2. Not been that impressed TBH. Maybe user incompetence but I always seem to get beer everywhere, get loads of foaming even at low temperatures for all but the least carbonate dof ales. Just taken delivery of the Boel iTap so looking forward to nipping off home early and...
  3. Horners

    Belgian Quad recipe help

  4. Horners

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    In fairness you can currently get a pint of Ruddles in the local spoons for 99p like everywhere else in the country. There are also decent pubs in the square mile where you can get the guest cask ale for around £3.50 - if you know where to look.
  5. Horners

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    South East London - I'm in zone 4 which is about 9 miles out from the City as the crow flies. if I go into work for the day it costs me probably around £14 travel depending on whether I use the tube; coffee and a bacon sarnie or similar £6; Lunch £10 Lunchtime pints which clearly aren't...
  6. Horners

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    One of the great upshot of covid is spending more time and money in the local economy. Just got the [email protected]@hole with work so wandered to a tap room at the 3nd of my street which I hadn't really bothered with. Starting with a cask mild.
  7. Horners

    Another keg question regarding co2

    I nearly always disconnect/ or turn gas off as I have lost one too many tanks of CO2 to the atmosphere through minor leaks (despite trying to detect any leaks when setting up).
  8. Horners

    Hello All, My Adventure Begins......

    My gateway drug was a Young's starter kit bought unsolicited by my wife for Christmas 3 years ago. It came with a Woodfordes Wherry 2 can kit, fermentation bucket, pressure barrel and all the other bits and bobs to get up and running. Made decent beer with it. Now have 10 cornies,couple of 5l...
  9. Horners

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Not been on this thread for a while having lost my HB mojo a bit. Anyway, just dug out a Corney of vanilla bourbon stout - 6 months in shed. No need for the nitro with this one.
  10. Horners

    Wood fired steak

    Funnily enough I put in a shift in the garden today and one of jobs was getting the kamado [email protected]#strd hot to see off a load of mold. As I was mucking around with charcoal got a big thick cut tbone and gave it a reverse sear on the mighty WeberGA. Photo of seasoned meat and coals set up to go.
  11. Horners

    I'm Struggling

    Wow so much of this thread rings true. Anyway one glimmer of light, a hobby as absorbing as brewing is seen by the psychologists as 'flow' where you get so immersed that it takes your mind away from the anxious thought patterns.As others have said, drinking and anxiety are not good bedfellows...
  12. Horners

    Real Ale pubs - Sheffield

    Plus one for the Bath Hotel - used to live 90 secs staggering distance in my final year at Uni in the mid 90s. Popped in about 5 years ago and nothing had changed barring the area was slightly less rough. there was always an eclectic mix of characters in there!
  13. Horners

    Running, you know... to keep the beer belly in check!

    Just turned 47 a couple of weeks ago. Never really did any exercise and even when I was at school and before various bad habits kicked in I would always be in the bottom 3 in the year at cross country. Like many did the BBC Couch to 5k app starting in about May last year. At the time I was...
  14. Horners

    Foolproof Blackberry Wine recipe for noob

    Boo! I guess even more patience is needed than brewing beer
  15. Horners

    Foolproof Blackberry Wine recipe for noob

    Just added some stabiliser to mine to ahed of back sweetening sometime this week as it is very very dry
  16. Horners

    How many units per week. [POLL 2]

    Easier than you think if you are in the pub at lunch time and on the way home from work and then throw in a couple of glasses of wine with your tea. .
  17. Horners

    How many units per week. [POLL 2]

    I have actually been tracking mine as I go for last 3 months and I'm consistently around 130 units a week.
  18. Horners

    Fermenting help

    And in fact beware that this particular kit is notorious for taking ages to ferment down the last few points to FG.
  19. Horners

    Would you like to be 18 again?

    I would love to be 18 again - part of my problem is that despite being 47 next week I still act like a bloody student.