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  1. ChrisR73

    Heating equipment

    Morning all, advice requested. Ive used an immersion heater for the last year or so of homebrewing and it always kept a perfect 20C. Now it’s given up the ghost are pads or belts any good? Certainly easier to keep clean - please let me have your recommendation.
  2. ChrisR73

    How fast is too fast?

    So first time re-using yeast and it’s racing along like a really fast thing. 1057 to 1024 in 48 hours @ 18 degrees and I’ve never heard so much noise from an airlock! So basically I’m asking if this is a problem? At this rate fermentation will be complete inside 5 days.
  3. ChrisR73

    Another Newbie..

    Hi everyone and thanks for the ad. I’ve been kit brewing (with modifications) for a year now and have just started to move towards making my own recipes. Highlights so far have been a kit chocolate stout Porter, using extract and a hop profile from clone recipes such as Punk IPA and Neck Oil...