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  1. Gulpitdarn

    How to make a face mask

    At the end of day..... 'something' no matter how it is made, rather than nothing at all, has to be better.
  2. Gulpitdarn

    What kit beer are you drinking tonight?

    What am I drinking this afternoon?... well full roast is nearly ready and I started drinking a can of Fosters, 'shame on you, you might be thinking' I chose a foster to hide a home brew that I am also currently drinking... my Deeping light as I call it. I made it last 12th September using local...
  3. Gulpitdarn

    How to make a face mask

    My last post might have come across as a tad cruel, she is in fact a sewing wizard and has produced this! Its a work of art I tell ya....
  4. Gulpitdarn

    How to make a face mask

    My wife wears a brilliant mask, keeps people well away from her....
  5. Gulpitdarn

    Guess what it is

    Careful what you wish for, could be a ventilator for C02 ashock1
  6. Gulpitdarn

    The Coronavirus thread.

    Exactly the same here and I've been packed up with smoking some 20 years.
  7. Gulpitdarn

    The Coronavirus thread.

    Sorry to hear this Bevvied, you must be really worried for her knowing what you yourself went through. Hope she gets through it okay.
  8. Gulpitdarn

    Mass home brew forum video call Pub(s) Saturday 4th April

    Dunno if I've got the courage for this, probably if I drink all the beer first THEN, I might just join in. :laugh8::tinhat:
  9. Gulpitdarn

    Nice or Nasty.

    Nice Haggis
  10. Gulpitdarn


    Maltodextrine works for me as well. I usually now make ten litre brews and usually add 150 grams to the brew, adding more will be interesting, dunno about 500 grams though.
  11. Gulpitdarn

    Carbing Bottles, with Nitrogen?

    Just want your thoughts on how I can best carb my bottles of Stout with Nitrogen or Nitros Oxide. Of course the use of Nitrogen gives the beers a head of many very tiny bubbles that seem to last longer than the usual Co2 carbonation, just look at Guniness! I currently have an intense Chocolate...
  12. Gulpitdarn

    The Coronavirus thread.

    Toilet paper round here has all disappeared so we stocked up on disposable underwear instead. athumb..
  13. Gulpitdarn

    Safe Brewing

    Flip Flops annoy me.... I've even seen countless Kick Start BSA motorcycles being started while wearing them. Grrrrrr!
  14. Gulpitdarn

    Less hoppy, more malty.

    I've found that you just can't beat experimenting. Just brew a gallon or 4.5 litres of wacky thought up recipes that is/are? not a lot to chuck away if need to or having to drink a beer that has not gone according to taste. Less equipment to clean, sterilise and cost are kept low. I think I can...
  15. Gulpitdarn

    Hello, Jessia Here.

    I visited a Monastery once and when I walked past the kitchens I saw a man frying chips, so I said to him 'Are you the Friar' he said 'No I'm a chip monk'. Sorry... carry on.
  16. Gulpitdarn

    What's your Christmas brew?

    Knocked up a Peanut & Vanilla brew this afternoon while recovering from a very late night watching the Election results. I'm not really sure about this one so it is only a 4.5 Litre effort. Using Kweik yeast it'll be drinkable in a couple of weeks. 500g Extra Dark - Dry Malt Extract 200g...
  17. Gulpitdarn

    How fast can I knock out a stout with kviek?

    I started a Chocolate stout on the 19th November... it has nearly all gone! been drinking it for about a week and a half. I've got to say it is one of the best beers I've yet made. 1.500g Light Dry Malt Extract 250g Chocolate Malt - cold steeped in fridge over night. 250g Dark Crystal...
  18. Gulpitdarn

    Kveik Voss - Porter?

    Yes, I've used it in Stouts and it really doe's ferment fast and quite high temperature. It also sinks quickly when finished. The remaining sludge once beer removed is like a thick clay quite tough to spoon out and put in jar ready for next beer. Well worth using I think.
  19. Gulpitdarn


    It didn't work for me.... worse beer I ever made with chillies.
  20. Gulpitdarn

    What are you drinking tonight.

    Right well, after a home Choccy brew earlier on which has to be my best brew yet.... I'm now on a home brewed Coconut ale, which again is nice but not so after the choccy brew. Sigh!