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  1. Godsdog

    free to good home,collection only

    Edited it now,to think I'd be spammed never crossed my mind
  2. Godsdog

    free to good home,collection only

    Yeah for tomorrow Sunday is fine I'll send pm
  3. Godsdog

    free to good home,collection only

    Sorry for delay in replying but yeah let me know when you can rock up,I've replied to your email with my postcode
  4. Godsdog

    free to good home,collection only

    having a clear out so....rather than going in the recycler if anyone lives within driving distance of JCT 9 M6 Wednesbury drop me a pm...cheers approx. 32 swing top bottles with a crate,and two 5 gallon fermenter vessels
  5. Godsdog

    Is it safe to drink unclear beer.

    The worst that can happen to you is an outbreak of gout if you are prone to it
  6. Godsdog

    Airlock or not?

    Fermented in a bucket and lid with no airlock for 30 odd years and never had a bad brew.last 3/4 years have used the fast ferment and 9 out of 10 can't get a seal to get airlock activity.since reading this thread im tempted to do what warra 48 does and cling film the neck of the fastfermenter...
  7. Godsdog

    Hello from the Midlands

    Your first mistake is over thinking temperature fluctuations this time of year.yeast are perfectly happy at around 20C and shouldn't need a water bath,my conicle is sitting presently on day 3 at 19.5C in the central heated dining room.I've been brewing over 45 years and never water bathed and...
  8. Godsdog

    40 pint plastic pressure kegs

    If its a budget barrel with the lever tap then unfortunately they are prone to dripping when the pressure in the barrel gets anywhere near fix is change it to a drum tap but even those have problems the worst being on the tight side to turn on and off especially when your barrel is...
  9. Godsdog

    R.I.P - Chas Hodges.

    Rip Chas,so much more talented than gurcha being a very fine musician in the 60s with cliff Bennet and the rebel rousers amongst others
  10. Godsdog

    Adding fruit to beer kits

    Done a couple of kits with frozen fruit,mango didn't much care for but the blueberry one was quite nice.just chucked em in frozen in a muslin bag around day 5 of the fermentation for around a week
  11. Godsdog

    The truth about engine stop start systems

    Just watched it and every word he says is true,only ever driven one stop start tech car which was a courtesy car and Hated it and would never buy one no matter what make or model
  12. Godsdog

    R.I.P - Aretha Franklin.

    Although I concur with you all as a great singer,the genre of her music is just not my cup of tea,not a great lover of soul music or gospel to her all the same
  13. Godsdog


    Did you clear the shelves at those prices? I'd have taken my wheelbarrow
  14. Godsdog

    Retired - your plans.

    As most of you will be aware I had my serious health scare this year along with a major operation,5 months on I'm only just getting over it having turned 65 last month.Anyway last week I had my critical care follow up health check and happened to tell the doctor I can now drink a few pints a...
  15. Godsdog

    New Wilko kits

    Ordering online to pick up at your local wilko is the best way to get hold of them,£16 for a 1.8kg single can kit is about right.tempted I am
  16. Godsdog

    Hops in a pint

    I have a Randall and reccomend to use it sparingly with the hops as too many will spoil the beer taste.keep the Randall charged with less than 20 Gram of hops
  17. Godsdog

    The rise of the middle age renter.

    Like you chippy I am lucky enough to now own my house and have been fortunate enough to pay the deposits on both my children's mortgages and am there as a safety net for them,but I haven't told them that
  18. Godsdog

    My absence,my illness,my battle for life

    As a lot of you old stagers may be aware I haven't posted for a while,chippy knew the reason but I asked him to keep stum. I can know tell you I have had a 7 week stay in hospital 5 of them in critical care after an operation to remove my stomach after being diagnosed with gastric cancer...
  19. Godsdog

    Regulator pressure

    You've just answered your own question,yup its the beer absorbing the CO2