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  1. MmmBeer

    Fun Facts about Brewing and Beer

    Does anyone know any fun or interesting facts, jokes or stories relating to brewing or beer that you would like to share? I'll start with a few. Did you know that.........the original definition of the inch, was the length of three barleycorns? ........that UK shoe sizes are also based on the...
  2. MmmBeer

    Go-to Yeasts

    I have checked the yeast stocks in my fridge and discovered that it is now time to reorder. The vast bulk of what I brew are either APA's or English ales/bitters. Normally I would stick to US-05 and either S-04, Notty and Liberty Bell for the English ales. I intend to order in bulk, either...
  3. MmmBeer

    Big Jugs!

    Now I've got your attention, onto my question. Whilst brewing today, I started thinking about the bits of equipment I have bought and which of them were the best purchases. I'm not talking about the big items (mash tuns, boilers, all in ones etc.), but those little bit that just make a brew day...
  4. MmmBeer

    Lactic Acid or AMS/CRS?

    Last night I drew off a sample of a best bitter, which I kegged about a week ago and when I tasted it, I noticed an odd off flavour. After a few more sniffs and tastes it began to remind me of the aroma of milk, I have noticed this in a beer a few years ago, when I had used Lactic acid to remove...
  5. MmmBeer

    Brewing Software - IBU's from flameout and hopstand additions

    I have been putting a recipe together, which has a flameout addition and a hopstand addition. The software I am using (Grainfather) shows 0 IBU's from the flameout addition, but some from the 20 minute hopstand addition. Thinking this to be a quirk with this software, I repeated on Brewers...
  6. MmmBeer

    Fruit Vodka

    Now that the sun is out and soft fruits are coming into season, its a good time to start thinking about a sweet fruity tipple that will be ready in time for Christmas. Don't worry this does not invlove distillation, merely infusing shop bought vodka (or other spirit) with fruits and sugar. I...
  7. MmmBeer

    48 Craft Beers fro £48

    This popped up on my email, thought it might interest some of you. They're all 330 ml cans, session strength and 4 off each of 12 beers.
  8. MmmBeer

    B&M Starter Kit.

    I was in my local B&M yesterday and noticed they had the starter kits (FV, syphon etc.) and the swing top bottles both at £5.99. Relieved them of a box of bottles, 50p per bottle can't be too bad.
  9. MmmBeer

    What has been your Festive Showstopper?

    I have sampled and shared a selection of my home brewed bitters and AIPA’s, kit wine, country wines and supermarket juice wines over the festive period, but the one that got the most plaudits, was by far the simplest, a loganberry vodka infusion. Fill a jar with fresh berries (blackberries...
  10. MmmBeer

    Pseudo Lager

    This weekend's weather has prompted me to attempt making a batch of lager for the summer. the problem is that my brewfridge would not be capable of maintaining 3-4°C at this time of year and my domestic fridge is far too small to fit 40 bottles in (and still allow room for some food). Greg...
  11. MmmBeer

    Recommend a Belgian Beer

    I'm planning a trip to France in the new year and always make a detour over the border into Belgium to get some cheap cigarettes for the smokers in my family. This time I am planning to also go to a Belgian supermarket or beer outlet to pick up a selection of Belgian beers to try. I know...
  12. MmmBeer

    Loganberry Wine

    Back in June I made my first wine, from some of last season's loganberries out of the freezer. I then made two more batches, first from the fresh loganberries off my bushes using a different recipe, then a forest fruits WOW, including some of my raspberries and redcurrants too. These were...
  13. MmmBeer

    Vacuvin used for Syphon Suction

    I have often wondered on bottling days, is there a simple alternative to sticking the tubing in your mouth and sucking, after having religiously sterilised everything else. I started with the idea of creating a peristaltic (pipe squeezing) pump and pulling the tube through two close fitting...
  14. MmmBeer

    Small Batch Experiments

    I'm still quite new to home brewing, but have had several decent results from kits, some of which I have pimped. I am keen to try some of the more advanced techniques, but don't have the equipment available at present to take this too far. I do however have a couple of demijohns, bought with...
  15. MmmBeer


    Seemingly like many other members, I have returned to home brewing recently after a brief dalliance as a student nearly 30 years ago. I have noticed that the quality of home brew kits have improved as much as the quality of commercial beer has over the same period. I am currently on my fifth...