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  1. Brew_DD2

    CO2 Regulator Gauge

    So after complimenting the ODL regulators, mine seems to be incapable of dropping to 0psi on the keg side. Only dropping to 10psi. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement gauge? The regulator is still working, so I'm loathe to replace the whole thing.
  2. Brew_DD2

    English Independence

    As an offshoot from the other thread, I would be curious to hear people's thoughts on England seeking independence from The UK. It's something that rarely gets spoken about, but given how unhappy and disenfranchised large swathes of society feel, I'm surprised an independent England with...
  3. Brew_DD2

    3-Roller Malt Mill

    I'm looking to get more consistency with my efficiency and have been thinking about getting a mill for some time. Anyone recommend a 3-roller mill, or indeed convince me why I only need 2 rollers? Cheers
  4. Brew_DD2

    Brewzilla 3.1.1 Stock

    I've had a good look and I can't seem to find the Brewzilla in stock anywhere in the UK. Both Brewkegtap and Angelhomebrew aren't expecting stock until February at the earliest and I can't see anywhere else stocking it. Anyone have any idea where might have some for sale?
  5. Brew_DD2

    Yeast Starter Acetone Smell

    Hello Folks. Just took a whiff of a starter I put on the stirplate last night (first step) and there is a distinct aroma of acetone/pear drops. The yeast in question is Imperial L17 and the starter is from a couple of tablespoons from my last batch using this strain (almost a year ago). So...
  6. Brew_DD2

    Imperial Yeast Returns to UK

    The fantastic Imperial Yeast is now back on sale in the UK. Available at The Malt Miller.
  7. Brew_DD2

    Digiboil Looks like another one of those rebadged jobs. 35l Robobrew without the gubbins for that price seems good to me!
  8. Brew_DD2

    Flexible 3/8 Gas Line

    I've been using the standard grey hose for my gas line for some time now, but I am looking something more flexible. The rigid stuff is a bit of a pain when I am arranging my kegs around in the fridge. Anyone have any recommendations for strong, but more flexible gas line?
  9. Brew_DD2

    Acceptable Liquid Yeast Age

    Received a delivery of yeast (amongst other things today) and was quite surprised to see that one of the yeasts had a manufacture date at the start of April 2019 giving it about 18% viability. I have no issues making a starter I just thought that was quite an old pouch to be receiving. It'll...
  10. Brew_DD2

    CO2 Supply in Dundee/Perthshire

    As it says in the title, does anybody have a local supplier for their CO2? I have seen the thread on suppliers in the Central Belt and will maybe travel there at a push, but it would be great if someone could let me know if there is somewhere more local.
  11. Brew_DD2


    I'm going to start off by saying that I order from Geterbrewed regularly and find them to be generally very good. I especially like their custom recipe builder. However, I am anoyed with how they've conducted themselves following a mistake they made with an order my wife recently made. I get...
  12. Brew_DD2

    Bottling dry-hopped beer

    Had a torrid time this afternoon trying to bottle and keg a batch of a heavily dry-hopped pale ale. Tried using a nylon bag on the end of a length of silicone tubing attached to the fermenter spigot. Unfortunately the spigot is very low down on the fermeter and got instantly clogged. I have an...
  13. Brew_DD2

    Scorched Element

    Firstly, is my brew ruined? Secondly, would a lack of stirring during the boil have caused this? First time I've had it happened and I'm pretty gutted. Wort didn't smell the way it normally did when I cane to do 5 minute addition and I knew something was awry.
  14. Brew_DD2

    Mangrove Jacks' M54

    Just bottled a Helles brewed with M54 and it tastes a lot like a hefeweizen. I'm definitely getting a fair bit of banana. Anyone else used this yeast?
  15. Brew_DD2

    Mash Tun Ball Valve

    So I acquired a Geterbrewed gift voucher for my birthday and also recently acquired a false bottom. I'm planning to install a ball valve into my mash tun but am a little unsure as to which connectors, washers etc. I'll need to purchase along with it. I know I'll need a 1/2bsp hose barb but...
  16. Brew_DD2


    Bit of a strange one this. Just went to keg my latest Kölsch after the first one from a wee while back was a real success. After racking to my bottling bucket I couldn't help but notice an odd smell. I decided to take a sample test and there was a distinctive appley/peardrop flavour that...
  17. Brew_DD2

    Kölsch recipe suggestions

    Hello folks, It's been pretty toasty the last few weeks and I'm wanting to brew a Kölsch for the coming summer months. Anyone have a go-to recipe?
  18. Brew_DD2

    Wyeast 1450 Denny's Favorite

    I ordered Wyeast 1056 online the other day but unfortunately I got a call today to say it was out of stock and was offered this as a replacement. I have accepted it but was wondering if anybody has any experience with it? It looks pretty versatile.
  19. Brew_DD2

    New Mash Tun

    I had been toying with the idea of going for the ACE Digital Mash Tun that's available for around �£150 but have just spotted this Thermo Box on Amazon that would seem to fit the bill of a simpler Tun. The reason for the upgrade is for better heat retention and control...
  20. Brew_DD2

    Oxygen and aeration stone

    Anybody had much experience with aeration? I'd like to start exploring more liquid yeast strains and it seems as good a time as any to get an aeration stone. Any tips on where to get o2 for the best price? Any other advice?