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  1. jof

    Scrapping HS2 Leeds extension 'undermines' levelling up

    Going back to politics, it doesn't matter what side you support, it's not healthy to have one party in power too long. It keeps the prevailing party (currently appears to be the blue team) on their toes if they get booted out for a term. If the other parties cooperated so each area had a Tory &...
  2. jof

    Scrapping HS2 Leeds extension 'undermines' levelling up

    Exactly. It's cheaper to fly or hire a car than to take the train any distance in this country, unless you manage to book one of the small number of seats available 3 months in advance (just so companies can claim there is an affordable option). There seems no point in building a new line to...
  3. jof

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Bomber Country. In a country pub/hotel south of Hull, where we go tomorrow morning to evacuate our son from the University (don't ask)
  4. jof

    Stupid Question!

    And you might end up with several suggestions, so you can pick which might work for you. /Jof (Guilty of asking stupid questions during and after "sampling")
  5. jof


    My klarstein fullhorn (not an all in one, just the boiler) came with a perforated disk that sits in the bottom for mashing. It holds the biab just above the level of the tap. I can the recirculate/sparge with a jug from the tap. I think others on here have made similar or purchased them, but...
  6. jof

    Keg That Giveaway!

    Amber ale please
  7. jof


    The issue isn't that the world has been warmer before, it's that our actions are warming it up much faster than evolution can cope with. So the ecosystem (which includes us) is struggling to cope with the rate of change.
  8. jof

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    20l first attempt at ag wheat beer Total 21860
  9. jof

    Help with all grain set up

    I use a klarstein fullhorn, which is basically just the boiler & if budget it tight, I think peco boilers are even less. I mash in the boiler (brew in a bag) with it about 1/2 full. Drain into a spare FV & sparge using water from the kettle Then it's a quick rinse out of the boiler & pour the...
  10. jof

    How many units per week. [POLL 2]

    With Covid we didn't change the quantity drunk on a single day, but we went from 3 drinking evenings a week to 6 & sometimes 7. So gone from borderline 14-16 up to 28 I guess
  11. jof

    Petrol & Diesel prices.

    Yep. Last time prices were that high was the 2 week peak of the gulf war.
  12. jof

    Electric trucks.

    You also need to think that hydrogen could be made from say solar energy plants in the Sahara desert & then shipped here as liquidised gas. Which is probably a better use of renewable from a low population, high sunlight, you're not displacing crop & hopefully some of the earned cash can be...
  13. jof

    Electric trucks.

    I am surprised we don't have a working "heritage" coal mine. Not just a museum to show people what it was like, but a working mine to supply the heritage steam railways & traction engines that are scattered around & require Welsh steam coal rather than imported dirty brown coal to run on.
  14. jof

    Recommended hop pair

    You won't know until you try. This is what I did, but hop combinations can be a personal thing - a bit like your secret blend of herbs & spices 😄 I used my 100g of magnum exclusively as the bittering hop for a few brews. With ekg/progress and cascade for flavour/aroma. Chinook I used as both...
  15. jof

    Covid - Plan B

    Where I am there appears to be a mask heirachy when shopping. Waitrose is about 80% mask wearing. Sainsbury's about 50%. Thought it might be higher, but with the Waitrose close by it could be a relative thing. Lidl is around 20%, but it's near the university so many more youngsters compared to...
  16. jof

    Petrol & Diesel prices.

    Ah, do you live in France fo you Leon? Never known lorry drivers blocking motorways in protest, but I think London taxi drivers might have tried to - but nobody noticed any difference to congestion as it was back then.
  17. jof

    Heat pump grants worth £5,000

    Ok, we have 1 large fan assisted electric storage heater in our house that dates from its construction in the late 60's. 2 years ago I started down the route of replacing it with an air source heat pump, as the price differential between economy7 an day units had been erroded in the last 10...
  18. jof

    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Fyne Panther please.
  19. jof

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    I don't think we are going to break the 2020 lockdown volume with less than 3 months to go 2020 total - 33,156 2021 - 20,550 so far... No wonder there were supplies shortages during lockdown
  20. jof

    Britons cut meat-eating by 17% [Poll]

    I think we consume about the same. Possibly a bit more processed meat like salami/bacon etc as older teens make their own snacks & eat us out of house & home. But then I have always eeked out spaghetti sauces & curries with lentils & additional veg.