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  1. JonathanMSE

    Behind The Curve (Documentary on Flat Earthers)

    In Inverness there is (or at least was as it closed a few weeks ago) a Flat Earth shop. The owner hands out Flat Earth literature as well as promoting a vast array of other conspiracy theories, chemtrails, geo-engineering and of course covid related. Up and down the Highlands there is loads of...
  2. JonathanMSE

    Recipe for Disaster!

    I feel a bit mental trying to make a beer with it
  3. JonathanMSE

    Recipe for Disaster!

    The result of steeping in cold water was rather bland. A slight flowery and grassy taste. With a very small bit of aroma. But... the star by far was steeping in vodka. Really aromatic and flowery with an almost herbal taste. Interesting. Now to figure out what to do with these findings.
  4. JonathanMSE

    Recipe for Disaster!

    So I boiled about 10g of clover flowers in 300ml of water for 10 mins... And this is what I was left with. It has next to no aroma at all, it's not flowery as I would have thought. The taste is fairly watery, there is a little bitterness. Although from what I've read, boiling this reduces the...
  5. JonathanMSE

    Recipe for Disaster!

    Thanks. That's a great idea. I shall get cracking on that. Gives me an excuse to use up some vodka
  6. JonathanMSE

    Recipe for Disaster!

    There is indeed a Heather ale in the bible. A nettle ale too. That's a good idea. I'll have a quick look at them.
  7. JonathanMSE

    Recipe for Disaster!

    I've found something about clover flowers being used in wines. Never in beers. There may be a reason for that!
  8. JonathanMSE

    Recipe for Disaster!

    So, the title sums this up very well. I have a friend who is obsessed with foraging and they want me to make them a beer using white clover flowers that they have foraged in the beer. Yes, yes I know this sounds ridiculous. Apparently, they're edible (although in warmer climates aren't) I've...
  9. JonathanMSE

    Hard seltzer sense check

    Putting the numbers into Brewer's Friend, for 22L it comes out as 1.087 for 5kg of sugar.
  10. JonathanMSE

    Misty when cold

    Sounds like chill haze. Basically proteins in suspension in your beer. They won't affect the flavour at all. You can reduce chill haze by heating as strongly as you can as you boil. And cooling as quickly as possible after you've finished boiling.
  11. JonathanMSE

    This has to be a con!

    I was being a bit facetious... I maybe should have made that clearer!
  12. JonathanMSE

    This has to be a con!

    Buy on a credit card? Spend over £100. If the products don't arrive then you're protected by section 75.
  13. JonathanMSE

    Equipment questions please :)

    Check local for sale or freebies groups on Facebook near you. There are nearly always fridges being given away or sold for very little.
  14. JonathanMSE

    What does volumes of co2 2.4 mean?

    2.4 vols is basically the amount of carbonation. You can use online tools to tell you how much sugar you should use to prime to get that carbonation. ( Beer Priming Calculator | Brewer's Friend ) But assuming you've fermented at 20c and have 23 litres of beer to package. You'd need to prime...
  15. JonathanMSE

    How many of you have?

    I go to the pub to enjoy being out. It's an enjoyable experience. It is too expensive to do on a regular basis. But in general worth it every now and then. However, I lived in Spain for four years. When I went out drinking with work colleagues we'd go to places the locals drink. Each round...
  16. JonathanMSE

    No covid jab

    It being rushed through IS a conspiracy theory. The vaccines had a greater number of lab and clinical hours than any other vaccine. But paperwork was expedited.. not rushed. Long term side effects ARE conspiracy theories. Especially when you consider what the long term side effects of Covid...
  17. JonathanMSE

    No covid jab

    A couple of points here. Covid is a weird illness where children are less likely to contract it than adults. So are less likely to be disease vectors. Children are also far less likely to suffer severe effects or death so combined with lower rates of incidence are not a priority for the...
  18. JonathanMSE

    Get an auto siphon they said. It'll be easy they said.

    Don't like auto-siphons, they're a pain. But so is a regular siphon. Getting them filled with liquid first is a pain. My solution. Regular siphon, with a 100ml (something like this (50ml would be fine) plastic syringe, stick the...
  19. JonathanMSE

    Brewdog culture of fear for Employees

    None of that really surprises me. They were always trying too hard to look like the good guys.... and lo behold they're not. However, most medium to large companies will have disgruntled employees.. but it does seem that have more than their fair share. If you no longer want to buy their...
  20. JonathanMSE

    Cooling Machine.

    As long as the coil is clean it's not an issue. Put it in five minutes before the end of the boil and it sterilises itself!