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  1. Sarenth

    Bull Dog Yeasts

    Has anyone tried any of them? They have quite a variety and was wondering if they are worth a shot?
  2. Sarenth

    Free old malt extract!!

    Hello All, I work at London fields brewery as the assistant manager and run the home brew classes, we have lots of fairly old liquid and dried malt extract. I would take it home to do some brews but there is literally about 100kg of the stuff. If anyone would to come collect some of it your...
  3. Sarenth

    Anyone had any experience with S-33

    I'm using it to brew a Belgian blonde ale. Any notes about this info that could come in handy? Cheers
  4. Sarenth

    Torrified wheat in a wheat beer

    So I'm unable to get malted wheat and have used A 50/50 malt bill with torrified wheat. I was wondering if anyone else has done anything similar. I've read that i wont get a very strong a distinct wheat flavour, possibly more biscuity. Even if it is not very wheaty i'm looking foward...
  5. Sarenth

    Milk Stout grain bill?

    Hello Peeps!!! I am going to do a small 10l milk stout and was wondering if this grain bill sounds any good 2.3 golden promise 0.35 chocolate 0.3 crystal 90l 0.2 roasted barley 0.1 carafa III 0.1 carapils 0.25 lactose (end of boil) 40g EKG 5.1AA 60min mashing at 64c...
  6. Sarenth

    Bottle Conditioning

    I have read that you should bottle condition for a minimum of 3 weeks, does this take into account how long you let the secondary fermentation happen before bottling. For instance, I have brewed a Brown Porter with an ABV 5% It sat in the primary for 2 weeks before I moved it into a secondary...
  7. Sarenth

    Brown malt

    I am trying to formulate a recipe for a mild, does anyone know if brown malt contributes any fermentable sugars? cheers
  8. Sarenth

    Super Hoppy Stout

    I had a couple of friends over and asked them to help me design a recipe for a stout. They do not know much about brewing and we ended brewing a rather hoppy stout. OG 1.064 6kg 2 row 0.3 chocolate 0.3 roasted barley 0.2 carapils 0.2 crystal 60 Boil size 14l 60min 50g nugget 15aa 60min...
  9. Sarenth

    Columbus and cascade recipe

    Tonight is brew night. My recipe is boil size - 2.5 Gallons total volume - 5 Gallons 4kg Muntons pale extract 250g Cara 40 50g columbus 16% (60mins) 25g columbus (30mins) 25g Cascade 5 mins 25g Cascade (Dry hop) Yeast US - 05 Does this look like a good combination? Is this enough for a...
  10. Sarenth

    Chocolate Stout Question?

    I am using 200g cacao nibs to give my stout (5 gallons) a chocolate edge to it. Could anyone suggest when and how long I should put them in? I'm thinking of putting them in after 3 weeks in primary and then having them sit there for a week or two. Any suggestions? Thanks peeps
  11. Sarenth

    Lack of bitterness, Hop problems

    Hey Guys My 2nd to last brew had no bitterness or aroma. 3 gallons of boiling water 3kg pale Malt Extract 500g Crystal malt (steeped 30mins) 35g Cascade 60min (pellets) 15g Cascade 30min (pellets) 20g Citra 15mins (pellets) Pitched us-05 yeast at 24c (a bit high, I know) OG - (missing...
  12. Sarenth


    Hello Peeps After recently producing questionable beer from Wilko beer kits, I found myself asking what I have I done wrong and why does my beer taste so naff!? Thanks to this forum I discovered the error of my ways. Thanks peeps Looking forward to contributing and hopefully with help will...