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  1. Metman79

    Metman79's Brewdays

    Hi there, first attempt to make a hazy hoppy IPA / NEIPA style brew at ~6.5% (homemade recipe below) and the 4th brewday using the 35L Brewzilla. All in all a pretty smooth and relaxed brewday, but here’s a few lessons learned after using the kit. Think I was pushing the limits on how much of...
  2. Metman79

    Fresh Hop Beer

    Anyone else making a fresh hop beer this autumn? Brew day today and the house currently smelling wonderful!
  3. Metman79

    Anyone Made 'Super Session IPA'?

    Looking to make a tasty, sessionable highly hopped IPA, but something I can bottle or dare I say, put in a plastic keg. Has anyone tried the 'Lawson's Finest Liquids - Super Session IPA' from The Big Book of Homebrew? If so, how did it turn out? It sounds fairly straightforward and is singly dry...
  4. Metman79

    Halfway House APA

    Completed my first brew day using my brand spanking new 32L Brewzilla (formally known as Robobrew) the other day. Created a recipe to try, dangerous I know, probably should have gone with something tried and tested but I quite like making up new beer recipes. Aiming for something very hop...
  5. Metman79

    Near disaster....hopefully avoided!!

    The excitement of upcoming brew day using brand spanking new Brewzilla 30L, PLUS new homemade fermentation chamber PLUS new Speidel 30L fermenter was nearly crushed by a calamitous affair yesterday. Order of grain, hops an yeast arrived all in one piece and much earlier than expected. So I...
  6. Metman79

    New Fridge Fermentation Setup

    Hi there, next brew and all following, I will be aiming to be fermenting in a proper temperature controlled environment. So I've gone down the popular route of 2nd hand fridge, greenhouse heater and Inkbird controller. So far so good but just getting things setup for brew day on Wednesday...
  7. Metman79

    Greetings from a homebrewer in Jersey, CI

    Hi all, Thought I'd join up so I had access to some good advice on homebrewing techniques, hints, hacks and tips. I've been brewing for around 6 or 7 years, started off with kits and quickly progressed onto all grain brewing using DIY/converted kit and have mostly had pretty good success with...