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  1. Suffolk Supper

    Non alcoholic beer recipe

    Hi all 👋 I would like to brew ( from a kit or a recipe ) a non alcoholic beer for my neighbour as he has just returned from a lengthy hospital visit and has been told he must stop drinking 😱 I have made many brews for us over the years and like to make a non alcoholic ale 🍺 could someone...
  2. Suffolk Supper

    Carbonating cider 330 bottles

    Hi all I have made a Demi John load of pineapple cider, I am now ready to bottle it , how much sugar should I add to each 330ml stubbie bottle ? Many thanks and happy brewing. :beer1:
  3. Suffolk Supper


    Hi all Has anyone got a recipe and method to make a Demi John load of pineapple cider 🍺 Thanks acheers.
  4. Suffolk Supper


    Evening all acheers. Quick question How much priming sugar should I add to 23 ltrs of Muntons dark bock beer? ( once I have transferred it into a PB ) Many thanks Suffolk
  5. Suffolk Supper

    Muntons bock beer

    Good evening all I have just purchased a bock beer kit from muntons, has anyone made this and if so is there any tweaks I should be aware of to enhance the final taste? 🍻
  6. Suffolk Supper

    Mangrove jacks series pale ale

    Good afternoon all 🍺 I have purchased the pale ale kit and the instructions given for bottling the beer only gives carbonation drops in bottles , I wish to carbonate using normal sugar in a pressure barrel ! Can Anyone advise how much sugar I should add to the PB ? many thanks and cheers 👍🍻🍻
  7. Suffolk Supper

    woodfordes Nelsons revenge not fermenting

    Bought this kit and followed given instructions, it has been in the fermenting bin for eight days at a constant temp of 22f but has failed to ferment !! what do I do to get it to ferment ? I have made this kit before exactly the same way with no issues HELP PLEASE asad1acheers.
  8. Suffolk Supper

    Malt sprays

    Good evening all 🍺😊 I have a muntons smugglers special ready to prime (23 litres) how many grams of spray malt should I add to to my PB to prime ?🤔 The kit says 80 grams but but other sources says 160 is ideal. But no more than 200. Help please