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  1. Gwen

    Kegland in line regulators Help needed

    Am I being a bit dumb. I cant seem to get different pressures from my in line regulators. So I have a gas bottle with a regulator showing 20psi. This feeds into a 4 way manifold in my kegerator. I have 2 kegs and about to connect a 3rd. From the manifold both gas lines have a kegland regulator...
  2. Gwen

    Food grade buckets??

    Can anyone tell me if these buckets are food grade. Not trying to be a cheap skate but the bird fat balls came in them and if I can repurpose them into brewing buckets I could get a couple of more brews on tomorrow 😉 Thanks
  3. Gwen

    Too slow a flow?

    Hi knowledgeable peeps, Would you be happy with this flow rate or is it a tad to slow? Might just be I am used to a pour from a flow control tap straight off the keg. I got the 2 keg kit from BKT so the beer line is 3/16 Cheers Gwen
  4. Gwen

    Storing Cony kegs

    I now have 3 corny kegs waiting to be filled. 2 just arrived from BKT and they were pressurised. So it got me thinking. 🤯 There is going to be times when they are going to be empty, so how should I store them. Lid closed up or off? Pressurised or unpressurised? Or does it not matter? Thanks Gwen
  5. Gwen

    Kegerator newbie set up help

    I am about to bite the bullet and go down the corny kegerator route. I bought a keg locally that came with a party tap and another tap (see pic). I have sourced a c02 pub gas bottle from my local pub. I have convinced hubby that we need to make a kegerator, which he say's he will help me make...
  6. Gwen

    Its frothy man

    I stupidly started another MYO rose` kit on 20th July in the middle of that really hot weather we had. Within hours of adding the yeast it was bubbling away. Its has stayed really frothy on top so I have been stirring it pretty regular. I started with OG of 1.090 Since the 29th it has stuck at...
  7. Gwen

    Corny keg newbie help

    I am a complete Corny novice. I have searched as much info as I can but think I just need your help as I am just as confused as before 😆. I have just picked up this Corny keg. Can you tell me if this is a pin or ball lock disconnect?(if that's the right terminology) I will no doubt get a second...
  8. Gwen

    Vitamin B?

    Help, I have been looking through some rhubarb recipes and its suggested to add a vitamin B tablet. It looks like all the brew shops, ebay etc are out of stock. Is this an essential product to add or is there something else I can add in its place? I see there are different vitamin b tablets at...
  9. Gwen

    Advise on old bottles please

    Calling on your experience athumb.. I bought a load of second hand brewing bits and these glass bottles were in with them. I have 1 pint, 1 litre and 1.13litre. They are screw tops with rubber seals. I have checked all the seals and they all look to be in really good condition considering how...
  10. Gwen

    Demijohn double trouble

    I started a white wine today in a demijohn. About 10 minutes later I could see a small amount of liquid around the base of the demijohn on the tray. So I wiped it up thinking it was just the run off from the cleaning of it. Sat in the kitchen about 5 hours later I heard a glass sounding crack...
  11. Gwen

    Help please with my Dandelion wine

    I have soaked my dandelion petals for 2 days and this morning I started the next stage with straining off the water and adding sugar etc. While getting a bit carried away making sure the temperature was cool enough to add the yeast (in between doing the other 1/2 dozen jobs) I forgot to check...
  12. Gwen

    I blew my top last night

    My first keg of ale, woodfordes wherry kit. Had a nice bit of carbonation to each glass. Third glass poured from the barrel and the pour slowed right down and stopped so I thought it needed a little gas to re pressurise. So I twisted the little gas bottle onto the keg. It made me jump as it...
  13. Gwen

    Gooseberry wine suprise

    Well I am trying to make some room in by brew cupboard (which is full of wine and cider) so I grabbed a bottle of 12/19 gooseberry wine. Last time I had a bottle it was very dry, quite hard to drink, so I was ready with the sweetener tonight. But boy it is so tasty and smooth, even my husband...