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  1. Jordang

    Frozen beer!

    I mistakenly forgot to push my temp probe back into the keezer when I last cleared it out….. I’ve just gone in to connect up the beer line for the saison conditioning in there and it’s minus 8!!!! anyone else made this.. error? Lol. I’m defrosting as I type so probably won’t get to try this...
  2. Jordang

    Smoked Porters

    Hi, I love FAB‘s Smokey Joe Porter and am looking to brew something along the same lines…. Has anyone got a smoked Porter recipe they would care to share or any insight into the FAB recipe? thanks!
  3. Jordang

    Wonkey Donkey Brewdays

    Well it’s about time I got amongst it and started this AG lark!! After months of reading, watching and contemplating I decided to go for a few kits; I love all things German so decided on an Oktoberfest and Dunkelweizen along with a raspberry pale and a Black Sheep clone. Nothing like...
  4. Jordang

    Keezer finished!

    It’s taken a few months to pull together but I’ve managed to knock something up that the Mrs will allow in the house!!!! 3 taps, running C02 and 30/70 depending on what I fancy.... onto the beer engine housing now 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  5. Jordang

    30/70 gas fittings

    Just for a sanity check - those with beer gas; 30/70 etc, what type of fitting does your reg use? I’ve ordered one from get er brewed but it doesn’t fit, all the bottles I can see online look to require the same bs 341 no3 fitting so what have you got ??? Thanks !!
  6. Jordang

    N2 Regulator wanted

    Anyone got one they no longer need?
  7. Jordang

    Taps or beer engine? Or both!!

    Right, now all the merriments are done onto serious things lol!! I’m planning out my keezer build. Looking at 4 kegs and 3 or 4 outlets, but I’m really struggling to decide if it’s worth using beer engines... I’ll probably have a stout and ale on most of the time, with an IPA or lager. I don’t...
  8. Jordang

    Hopcat 65l £299

    Not mine but on fb marketplace - just search. It’s in Doncaster. Looks in good nick but missing the lid....
  9. Jordang

    Dead Phony

    Just about to put this on.... anyone else done it/enjoyed it?
  10. Jordang

    How do....

    Just a quick hi! I’ve been doing hedgerow brews for a little while but fancied stepping into beers! Started out with a few kits to get a feel... 3 in the bottle now and 3 more to go and I’ve had a few kind answers to my noddy questions!! Happy to have found such a great forum. Cheers!
  11. Jordang

    Banana Beer

    My lovely lass is partial to the odd pint or 5 of banana beer. It would be great if I could knock some up.... my question is does anyone know if there’s a similar kit, or how I could change an existing kit? Before I just jump in and try!! Thanks!!
  12. Jordang

    No O ring

    Started a St Peters Stout last night and once it was all in the FV I noticed the 4” o ring had gone walkabout! I tried to seal it as best I could with a smidge of olive oil in the thread but is this lack of o ring going to knacker it? I’ve just ordered a spare but it’s looking like a week...