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  1. bobukbrewer

    Why boil hops for 60 minutes ?

    Greetings all. As my beers all tend to end up "too" bitter, I was considering boiling for only 20 minutes. I have consulted Doctor Google, but have not discovered why, or if, 60 minutes is best.
  2. bobukbrewer

    Late Hopping - advice needed please

    My last brew had 5 gm summit hops boiled for 60 minutes, with 100 gm cascade hops for the last 2 minutes. Still short on aroma and overly bitter. Would removing the cascade hops at flameout help ? Is 100 gm enough ? (22 litre brew)
  3. bobukbrewer

    Can't mash for 8 weeks so kit time....

    I have purchased a selection of Coopers kits. The plan is to make them up to only 13 litres, with no sugar or DME addition. UNLESS you knowledgeable people have a better plan. Posted here rather than the kit forum as I want full mash quality...
  4. bobukbrewer

    calcium chloride - solid or liquid

    Which is best for pale and golden bitters, please ?
  5. bobukbrewer

    Irish Moss v Protofloc

    My last few beers with protofloc did not clear to well. For a beer made yesterday I found an old jar of irish moss at least 10 years old. I added 5 gm for last 15 minutes of boil. When I skimmed the crud off the top tonight, the beer revealed was as clear as crystal, 31 hours after yeast pitch...
  6. bobukbrewer

    Sean Terrill v Brewers Friend v Petes Drinks

    For a beer with OG 12 Brix and FG 6 Brix with wort correction factor 1.04, the abv's are , in order, 4.4, 5.0 and 4.65. Surely someone must have taken daily readings with BOTH refractometer and hydrometer and come to a definitive answer. We can land a spacecraft on an asteroid, this question...
  7. bobukbrewer

    Full water report - do I need to add anything ?

    HI all, so this is my water report. I make pale and amber SMASH beers with loads of hops - do I need to add CaSO4 or anything else please ? pH 7.4 alkalinity 115 hardness as Ca 100 chloride 74 Mg 9 Ca 85 SO4 113 Potassium 9...
  8. bobukbrewer

    Do I need to adjust sulphate and chloride

    Hello all - I am looking for more hop bitterness, flavour and aroma, having already increased hops to 150 gm per 25 litres. My water analysis is (ppm) calcium 85, chloride 74, sulphate 113, magnesium 9 - thanks.
  9. bobukbrewer

    Reducing oxidation

    I bottle into 1 and 2 litre PET bottles so next brew I will fill them normally with jug and funnel, screw on the caps not quite tight, squeeze the bottles until no head space left and screw down the caps. The CO2 formed during fermentation "should" fill out the bottles. Will report the outcome...
  10. bobukbrewer

    Sieve crushed pale malt to increase flour percentage

    Mr Google knows nothing about this. I use 9 lb maris otter crushed pale malt in a typical brew. That is about the maximum I can handle. I was thinking about sieving another 5 lb and only adding the "flour" to my already 9 lb mash. Has anybody tried this. I use 32 litres of water and a large...
  11. bobukbrewer

    Hop Utilisation for Flame Out Hop Additions

    I have been told that hops added at flame out and left for 45 minutes have a utilisation rate of 10 - 15% - since 20 minute additions have a utilisation rate of around 14% can this be true ?
  12. bobukbrewer


    what is this please - I asked the poster but he did not reply.........
  13. bobukbrewer

    Is beer better with either leaf hops or pellets ?

    thinking final taste, mouthfeel etc............
  14. bobukbrewer

    Can you add too many hops at flame-out

    I just added 200 gm of summit hops at flameout to a 21 litre batch. Supplementary question, does Clarex reduce hop intensity ?
  15. bobukbrewer

    After 400 boils my Burco boiler is browned off

    Does anyone know how to clean it ( no scratching and no chemicals that might damage the heater seal or tap). Thanks.
  16. bobukbrewer

    Wheeler's Book British Real Ale and EBU levels

    Most of his recipes are 30 - 40 EBU, I never go below 70 - maybe 15 bittering, 30 flavour and 40 aroma. Is EBU different to IBU, I wonder ?
  17. bobukbrewer

    How many times can I use yeast slurry ?

    and ....if I put one tenth of the slurry in each of 10 330 ml bottles and top up with bottled water and keep them in the fridge, could I use one in say 6 months ?
  18. bobukbrewer

    Why dry hop ?

    Is there really any difference between adding 100 gm hops to 25 litres 2 minutes before flame out or adding 150 gm hops as a dry hop addition ?
  19. bobukbrewer

    Clarex to make a low gluten beer

    Has anybody used this ? Does it adversely affect flavour and body ?
  20. bobukbrewer

    small joint buying group

    Is anyone interested in buying 5 kg packs (or 1 kg packs) and splitting - the aim is a wider choice and best quality attainable. not interested in posting but collection from Kettering or delivery close to A1 between Stamford and Newcastle is possible... If this is against rules or protocols...