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  1. devexwarrior


    Moved from the what you used to own and use thread as it turns into politics C-T. If you know, you know :hat:
  2. devexwarrior

    Weiss Beer Kit

    I picked up something of a taste for this stuff in Germany with the Army (along with a like of Asbach brandy). Weiss comes in three sorts, Dark (Dunkel) which is a bit heavy for me, middle (Hefe) which is OK but can be a bit 'explosive' next morning - this is the stuff Tesco sells and 'Crystal'...
  3. devexwarrior

    I'm back

    It's been almost a year since I brewed - I seem to have lost my 'beer mojo' but I'm getting back on the dray tomorrow. It's been quite a year, one daughter moved out, the other goes to uni this week and I changed jobs to one of the most stressful professions imaginable - I became a police...
  4. devexwarrior

    Brupaks Honley Mild

    I'll be putting this on tomorrow and don't see a review of it. I'll be happy to report progress. Brupaks Almondbury Old was a regular before my brew break, but the HBS didn't have any in on the day I was passing. The owner suggest the Honley Mild and as I like Mild I decided to give it a go...
  5. devexwarrior


    Rather than syphon from FV to barrel I acquired some small bore tube and attached it into the FV tap - bit of PTFE tape to seal and off we go. Unfortunately I forgot to disconnect the blow off tube so ended up sucking the blow off bottle water into the FV. I hope I'll be ok as 1. It was...
  6. devexwarrior

    Bottle differences

    I've just supped the last of a Milestone Dark Galleon - and very nice it was too. I'd put half in swing-tops and half in crown bottles. The swing tops all had a much higher level of carbonation in them. They were much harder to pour and produced much more head than the crown bottles. Anyone...
  7. devexwarrior

    Tesco Direct

    Coopers Stout and Cerveza at £10 a pop on Direct - free delivery for Click and Collect.
  8. devexwarrior

    Christmas Brew on

    Wherry, brewed short to 19L with two jars (680g) of honey. OG 1056. Will give it a week and bung in 50g of Goldings then leave for another week.
  9. devexwarrior

    Tesco Direct

    Just noticed that Tesco Direct have cut the prices on some of their home brew kits which brings them into Wilko price range. Wherry at £21 and Coopers at £13. Might be handy for those near a Tesco but not handy for HBS or Wilkinsons
  10. devexwarrior

    Milestone Shine On

    Thanks for setting the review up-will be brewing this tomorrow. My first Milestone kit and fourth brew of the year, after a Wherry and two stouts. I wanted something a bit lighter. What's in the box? Two cans of extract one yeast sachet and instructions. The instructions are fairly straight...
  11. devexwarrior

    On a lighter note....

    It's nearly that time of year again
  12. devexwarrior

    Medicinal beer

    After a wrecked night's sleep - up since 0330, I had a blinding headache, a real pain between the eyes and a foul mood to match. As SWMBO and the offspring are out at their Indian Zhoom dance class I've snuck in an extra pint of Coopers stout from the barrel in the shed prior to the 'official'...
  13. devexwarrior

    Back in business

    After a break from brewing of getting on for 5 years (no, I wasn't in nick!) I'm back in business with a Wherry in the FV.
  14. devexwarrior

    Airlocks on beer

    I've always used an airlock on wine and TC brews in demijohns but never bothered with one on a beer FV. I see that some brewers use them, though I can't think of a time when a brew has gone off after the fermentation has started. Am I missing something obvious? I only brew kits so that might...
  15. devexwarrior

    King Keg questions

    Two questions 1. Is the S30 valve supplied of the reversible type for use with both 8g and S30 canisters? 2. What diameter tube fits the drum type tap that is commonly supplied on KKs? I suppose I could buy a lid with one type of valve in and either buy another lid or drill a hole for the...
  16. devexwarrior

    Morning from West Wales

    Hi Brewing Bretheren and Sisters I'm in South-West Wales, Pembrokeshire to be precise. Beautiful scenery and lovely soft water. I'm in the process of leaving the Army after 27 years. I brewed before I joined, during my time in various countries (except Cyprus were it is illegal) and even did...