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  1. Jordang

    Keg That Giveaway!

    West coast IPA please!
  2. Jordang

    Juicy Session IPA - Mangrove Jack's review

    that’s the great thing about brewing…. Make it to your own taste!
  3. Jordang

    Weiss Beer Kit

    The festival weiss is as good as anything I’ve had from a bottle…. It’s a cracking kit
  4. Jordang

    proper tube / line cutter

    They’re brilliant and have saved me having to resharpen my best butchering knife every time I need a bit of pipe 🤣
  5. Jordang

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    21l festival Weiss 21l Simply APA with extra hops 20l Tiny Rebel Cwtch 21l Bulldog Strawberry Pale 21l Festival NZ Pils 23l Beerworks french Saison 20l St Peter’s Cream stout with spiced rum 21l Beerworks Imperial Stout 23l AG Oktoberfest 23l AG Black Sheep clone 21l Muntons Hazy IPA 23l...
  6. Jordang

    Razorback IPA - best kit ever !

    It’s a great kit for sure! On my ‘top 10’ list
  7. Jordang

    Brand New Festival American IPA Kit

    What do you think pal? I might give it a bash before Christmas
  8. Jordang

    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Red Rebellion please!!!
  9. Jordang

    Beer Engine Sanitation at Home

    I’ve got a small jug of starsan by the keg and just pull it through after my last pint.
  10. Jordang

    New Forum member map. (3-1-2021)

    Digby. LN4 👍🏻👍🏻
  11. Jordang

    Frozen beer!

    Well at least I can report that C02 and cornies can survive minus 8 degrees and come out the other side ok!!!
  12. Jordang

    Wonkey Donkey Brewdays

  13. Jordang

    Wonkey Donkey Brewdays

  14. Jordang

    Wonkey Donkey Brewdays

    Well the Oktoberfest has hit fg of 1.012 and tastes bloody good! So is kegged and waiting to go into the keezer (once it’s defrosted- see other post!) The black sheep on the other hand is 10 points off at 1.020…. Which I don’t quite understand, so I’ve given it a bit of a stir and bumped the...
  15. Jordang

    Frozen beer!

    I mistakenly forgot to push my temp probe back into the keezer when I last cleared it out….. I’ve just gone in to connect up the beer line for the saison conditioning in there and it’s minus 8!!!! anyone else made this.. error? Lol. I’m defrosting as I type so probably won’t get to try this...
  16. Jordang

    Smoked Porters

    Hi, I love FAB‘s Smokey Joe Porter and am looking to brew something along the same lines…. Has anyone got a smoked Porter recipe they would care to share or any insight into the FAB recipe? thanks!
  17. Jordang

    Wonkey Donkey Brewdays

    Quick update!! I left my Oktoberfest sample out last night and did a quick OG this morning at 21 degrees and it’s come in at 1.066 which gives me 70% eff- I completely forgot about the temp adjustments for gravity! Well chuffed
  18. Jordang

    Wonkey Donkey Brewdays

    Well it’s about time I got amongst it and started this AG lark!! After months of reading, watching and contemplating I decided to go for a few kits; I love all things German so decided on an Oktoberfest and Dunkelweizen along with a raspberry pale and a Black Sheep clone. Nothing like...
  19. Jordang

    Sloe Beer?

    How much lactose were you thinking? I’ve got a metric **** ton of sloes so will be chucking at least a kg in ….
  20. Jordang

    Sloe Beer?

    This thread just keeps giving!! I butchered a couple of Roe last week and that will do very nicely 🍻