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  1. dalecek

    Smoked wheat beer pH too low

    Hi. Brewed a smoked wheat beer 2 weeks ago. I adjusted alkalinity with CRS to 20 and there was 120g of acidulated malt in the grain bill which was a mistake. Mash pH was a tad low at 5.1. OG (1.052) has gone down to pH 5.05. Fermentation has now finished with FG 1.010 and pH just at 4.00. The...
  2. dalecek

    Decoction vs step mashing Pilsner

    Anybody tried to compare decoction vs step mashing side by side? Planing on brewing Czech Premium Pilsner soon. I only brewed lager 3 times with acceptable result on my last attempt. I think I know what the problems were. I did double decoction as thats the traditional method for Czech Pilsner...
  3. dalecek

    Which bottle capper for occasional use?

    Hi all. Need a help with picking a bottle capper for occasional use. I'm kegging but but would like to bottle for friends to give away. Is 2 leaver capper good enough for few bottles a month or should I get a bench one? I tried to use the hammer one and failed miserably. Thanks for help
  4. dalecek

    Hello Everyone

    Hi all. Based in London I started brewing year and a half ago. Jumped straight to all grain. Got about 30 batches brewed - some more successful than others. Brewing on my mostly DIY 2 vessel system. Still got tons of stuff to learn. Happy Brewing!!