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  1. Benfleet Brewery

    Worcester Hop Shop Sale

    Just ordered 5 packs Lallemand Kveik from WHS for a pound a pack. Grabbed another 100g of Vanguard hops for a quid at the same time. I made a really nice lager using the last lot I got from there.
  2. Benfleet Brewery

    Torrified Wheat and Carapils?

    I recently ordered 3kg Torrified Wheat and 3kg Carapils with the intention of using the Carapils with Pilsner malt for lagers and Wheat with MO in recipes for ales. Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding and I’ve ended up with 6kg of a Carapils and TW mix. They have offered to replace the...
  3. Benfleet Brewery

    CML Cali Common - Back in Stock

    I see that CML have their Cali Common yeast back in stock. I used this all the time for Pseudo Lagers but they stopped doing it a while back. I think it is the same as Mangrove Jacks M54 but a fraction of the cost. I’ve just ordered 5 packs for a little over a pound a pack.
  4. Benfleet Brewery

    Forum T-Shirt - SECOND RUN -

    Hi everyone. It seems a bit odd starting a thread for a second run of the T-shirt’s/ Polo shirts when the first lot are still yet to be sent but I have had a few requests so a new thread will make it easier for me to keep track of things. Printing of the first run is well under way and I expect...
  5. Benfleet Brewery

    How long will RO water keep in 5l water bottles?

    I’ve drawn off 20l RO water in prep for brew day tomorrow calculating for a pale ale profile using 50% RO, 50% tap water plus additions. However, it has only just occurred to me that I'm adjusting this water to a sulphate/chloride profile not too dissimilar to my tap water so I may as well just...
  6. Benfleet Brewery

    Best Beer Names

    I think I’ve seen references to this in other threads with people mentioning the great names that some beers have. A couple of examples I recall seeing on this forum are an NEIPA called “Juice Forsyth“ and a Brut IPA called “Brut Reynolds“. What prompted me to post this is that I’ve just seen...
  7. Benfleet Brewery

    Personalised Beer Mats/Coasters/bar runners and more.

    During lockdown my wife and I splashed out on a heat press to keep ourselves busy and started selling a few personalised bits and pieces to make up for the forced closure to her main business which is childcare. She’s been creating stuff using heat transfer vinyl and recently moved to cover...
  8. Benfleet Brewery

    Reusing yeast slurry after using Gelatine

    I am just about decant the chilled wort from my Brewzilla straight onto about a third of the slurry from my last brew which was kegged today. However, it has just occurred to me that the one I’ve just kegged had 1/2 teaspoon of Gelatine added before being cold crashed three days ago. Im now...
  9. Benfleet Brewery

    Replacement Rubber Overflow Pipe Cover for Brewzilla 35l

    I knew I would lose this one day, and that day eventually came yesterday 🙄 I’ve searched everywhere but It’s probably in the bag of spent grains that went to a Chicken owning neighbour. I’ve done a few google searches for spares but can’t find anything. Anyone know where I can get one or a...
  10. Benfleet Brewery

    Jester Hops

    My eye for a bargain forced me to buy 100g Jester hops from Worcester Hop Shop on Friday as they were only £1.50 and I was placing an order anyway. I can’t find a lot on info one them though. Possibly the best thing to make is a single hop brew to try them but if anyone has any other suggestions...
  11. Benfleet Brewery

    Reuse Yeast

    I’ve just kegged a (pseudo) German lager using MJ54 Californian Lager Yeast and am planning to brew another Lager tomorrow to finish off my Pilsner Malt. I’ve never reused yeast before but thought I might try it. The yeast cake is currently still sitting in the FV and I do have another FV to...
  12. Benfleet Brewery

    Yeast nutrient needed?

    I’m planning a brew using the Kveik Voss dried yeast and read it needed yeast nutrient. I bought the one from Wilco but it seems it’s intended for Wine so the instructions are useless. Can someone suggest how much I should add and when to a 23l batch please?
  13. Benfleet Brewery

    Newly Discovered Asteroid 2020 XX3 on course for a close encounter with Earth

    Just read that this Asteroid 2020 XX3, discovered on 10th December will pass very close to Earth on 18th December. That would have just finished the year off nicely wouldn’t it?!
  14. Benfleet Brewery

    Show us your Christmas Tree

    Well, I gave in this weekend and went along with the request to put the Christmas tree up. It Actually works for me as it won’t now interfere with next weekends brew day 👍 I have started this as we have a pretty unusual tree. Let’s face it, Traditional ones which start wide at the bottom and...
  15. Benfleet Brewery

    Help reading water report

    I have a water report from where I live in Essex but wanted to compare this with the one from where I work in case the profile is better suited to some beer styles I make. If so, I could collect water from there before brew days. Although I realise the report is from 2019 and the actual water I...
  16. Benfleet Brewery

    Mark K’s Brewdays

    Thought I’d jump on the old bandwagon and make the move on from the “what did you brew today” thread. I suppose that even if no-one reads it I’ll have a record for myself 😂 Oh well, here goes 😱 Busy day today. After setting out at kegging my Old Freckled Chicken and being faced with the...
  17. Benfleet Brewery

    Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan So, how is this going to work then? I suppose they will have to put a 50% fuel duty on electricity instead in order to recoup the loss in this revenue!
  18. Benfleet Brewery

    Dark Brown Soft Sugar

    Quick question, is dark brown soft sugar as fermentables as normal white sugar? A bit of background, I brewed a brown ale a few months back which came out very nice despite me using 250g white sugar instead of the stated brown sugar. FG was 1.010 using S04 yeast. Anyway, I brewed the same beer...
  19. Benfleet Brewery

    My Hop Harvest

    Well, I harvested my first ever hop crops yesterday. Not Overly sure if this was too soon or too late but afterwards my fingers were very sticky and smelt pretty good so I assume that is a good thing. I ended up with three trays, one Centenial and two Fuggle. It tried to dry them a bit in the...
  20. Benfleet Brewery

    All in one brew system - advice please

    Ok, I have been through countless threads re the best all in one systems and understand there are many pros and cons to consider as well as individual preferences. That said, it is a complete minefield so I’d like some advice please. i currently use a Peco BIAB but would like a nice SS upgrade...