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  1. stripeyjoe

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    24 litres of, allegedly, Old Speckled Hen Total 24400
  2. stripeyjoe

    Gateway drug

    My next door neighbours had a party tonight, I said I’d bring a keg around though, as they mostly drink Stella, wasn’t sure how my west coast IPA would go down. Everyone was complementary of the beer but I took that as just general politeness but they kept coming back for refills, for me that’s...
  3. stripeyjoe

    October Competition- Dark Beers

    Thanks for the great positive feedback @Hopsteep! I really wasn’t expecting to do so well, I really liked the beer and it was great to get a proper opinion of it to make sure it wasn’t judging it with my beer goggles on! Good luck!
  4. stripeyjoe

    Brewtools counterflow chiller

    Does seem to be a bit more expensive than comparable versions. I used the chiller that came with my grainfather for the first time over the weekend, it was massively faster than my old immersion chiller.
  5. stripeyjoe

    Black Friday - 26 November 2021

    Grainfather G40 for £995 at Brew UK... Wish I had waited a few days as I just bought one for £1095!!
  6. stripeyjoe

    New Forum member map. (3-1-2021)

    I thought I did this when I first joined but can’t see any interactions with this thread in my history… N14 4LH please @Chippy_Tea ta!
  7. stripeyjoe

    Recommend books for all grain brewing.

    The first edition of How To Brew is on line, it prompted me to get the latest edition.
  8. stripeyjoe

    Kegland in line regulators Help needed

    You might find it better to use 3/8-3/16 reducers and have the majority of your gas line as 3/16”. A lot easier to manipulate.
  9. stripeyjoe

    Christmas purchase incoming....

    Malt Miller currently have reconditioned ‘grade A’ kegs for £105 a pair with free postage. If you sign up to their emails you’ll get 5% off as well! I bought a pair from them earlier in the year and perfectly happy with them. Also won two in a KegThat raffle on here, they are of a similar...
  10. stripeyjoe

    Raid on illegal Bolton distillery

    I used to go to Detroit quite regularly in the early '90s as a sound engineer with various bands, used to play a lot at St Andrew's Hall. I think the last time I was there we did a gig in a bowling alley, was really good. Is it still the same with all the empty housing? You could drive for...
  11. stripeyjoe

    October Competition- Dark Beers

    Thanks for that @phildo79!
  12. stripeyjoe

    October Competition- Dark Beers

    Hi @phildo79, I have the ingredients for the KBS clone siting in my shopping basket at Malt Miller and had a couple of questions for you if you don't mind... 1. Water profile, did you just go for a 'stout' the profile? The Brewfather one seems little light on sulphates and chloride: I've...
  13. stripeyjoe

    Raid on illegal Bolton distillery

    Other than the voting restrictions the Republicans seem to want to implement in your country to suppress the turn out of those likely to vote against themall of the things you mention were introduced because people aren't reasonable and honest!
  14. stripeyjoe

    Raid on illegal Bolton distillery

    Surely if you are reasonable and honest then you are not going to be restricted by laws unless you are living in an overly authoritarian state... Unfortunately lots of people are not reasonable or honest and even more are greedy and exploitative which is why we need laws and regulations to...
  15. stripeyjoe

    October Competition- Dark Beers

    That sounds delicious, I'd imagine all the different malts plus adjuncts will give a massive amount of complexity.
  16. stripeyjoe

    October Competition- Dark Beers

    Wow, thanks @Hopsteep and congratulations to @phildo79 and the other competitors, that was my first competition (and first porter!!). I think it was probably more luck than judgement on my behalf...
  17. stripeyjoe

    Thank you

    You might want to rethink your survey… 4. Do you have favourite brand of lager or you like to try new ones? This is two questions with probably opposite answers so having yes and no as the options doesn’t really work! The ‘favourite lager’ question has a list of some brands, if your favourite...
  18. stripeyjoe

    Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan

    I tried cycling for my commute, north London to Victoria, but, at around 13 mile, it was a tad too far. Instead I rented space in a secure cycle park at Finsbury Park so I cycled 6 miles to there and got the Tube the rest of the way. We had showers at work so no problem being sweaty all day...
  19. stripeyjoe

    Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan

    That’s less than 30 minutes on a pushbike!