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  1. krispn

    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Red Rebellion IPA... and thanks for putting on the draw!
  2. krispn

    Grainfather G-40 info

    Stass posted a vid and mentioned that while he was supplied the G40 his videos were not getting vetted by GF/Bevie so he could post what he likes. Now I'm a well know cynic and like you say the potential for favouring a product for the additional kick back etc. Hey it could be that GF have...
  3. krispn

    Using slurry from one batch for another

    I've just bottled/kegged a small batch of 7% stout and plan to brew another 19l batch of my 5% stout this week - I currently have placed the Imp stout FV (Fermzilla pressure FV) back in the brew fridge at 4c My plan was when the new stout is ready to commence fermentation scoop out some of the...
  4. krispn

    Grainfather G-40 info

    I see the price listed at £1099 RRP but not sure if that was for the S40 or G40 - does that mean it'll hit the shops about £850? I guess we'll know sometime overnight when the emails from GF start hitting the inboxes and the retailers can finally list the stuff on their sites. Some unboxing...
  5. krispn

    Bottling a Session Hazy IPA

    Great test and comparison - I've seen a few of my attempts get much darker more quickly with standard kegging although having the ability to pressure transfer from Fermzilla to keg had been a great improvement.
  6. krispn

    Pumpkin Ale

    I’d forgotten all about this beer! It actually looks ok in that pic!
  7. krispn

    Lalbrew London..again

    double post
  8. krispn

    Lalbrew London..again

    Mine looks like this… bottled version of 5Points on the right, my kegged version on the left. It’s been in the keg for a few weeks now maybe 5 in fact. Not really had much of a charge at it but the bitterness has mellowed a little nice grassy/touch of floral character. Tasty brew. Gonna be...
  9. krispn


    Yeah I thought it might be due to too low a fermentation temp or certainly the instability. I think he'd hoped that a quick kveik ferment would have taken care of a lack of temp control but the opposite appears to have happened. I'll mention it to him for future reference
  10. krispn

    Dry Omega Lutra Kveik

    Nice! I'll maybe try this yeast in my 'house' imp stout when it becomes available. I've been using Mangrove Jack M42 these last few times and been fermenting under pressure but gonna give a built up starter of Imperial Darkness a try next time, next week in fact! * Oh and greetings from East...
  11. krispn


    My mate has had a brew on with MJ Kviek and he had hoped that without temp control it would be fine - he's had it fermented away at the start if August and it took about 2 weeks to ferment plus now he's got the acetylaldehyde - cidery smell. Any thoughts? My limited knowledge is he's maybe got...
  12. krispn

    No covid jab

    Had a read and that paper looks to be a shambles but for me it creates questions over the author/researchers more so than the treatment.
  13. krispn

    No covid jab

    I think there was some discussion about this article after its print but I’ll need to go look at the counter arguments raised as well as the paper itself. To say Ivermectin ‘doesn’t work’ based on one study isn’t really that helpful considering the safety record it’s had over 40 years of use...
  14. krispn

    No covid jab

    It’s the body’s response to the spike proteins which is causing the greater systemic issues in those who experience them. Some of the safety concerns being raised by clinicians are in relation to what could be associated side effects which haven’t been identified as being ‘typical’ side effects...
  15. krispn

    No covid jab

    If the normal cycle to get to market is 7-10 years there is opportunity within that time scale to see longitudinal developments with the initial and subsequent test groups. I'm not suggesting that we're gonna see massive complications related to mRNA vaccines, but the expeditious nature of these...
  16. krispn

    No covid jab

    Totally and where I work the PfizerBion was the main vaccine used and folks were getting them as afar apart as three months which is outside the parameters of the clinical trial which does have an impact on the overall efficacy... but I'm not here to say its going to kill off humanity or...
  17. krispn

    No covid jab

    Being cautious about a vaccine is no different to being cautious about any other medication one might be prescribed. It is up to the individual to determine if the risk is enough to warrant taking the medication versus the effects of the disease/virus/cancer etc. I’m not anti vax nor am I a...
  18. krispn

    Planning a Raspberry Wheat

    Ha funny I just made mine agin and had it sitting on the raspberries this last weekend. Kegged up and it’s very refreshing in this weather. Hope it turns out tasty!
  19. krispn

    Brewdog culture of fear for Employees

    I could substitute Brewdog for the NHS or a big corporate and you could find many people with similar negative workplace experiences -bullying, not feeling heard, doing the work of two (or more)folks due to poor staffing and the answer from management is get on with it or that's how its always...