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  1. crescent city Mike

    Solar Brewing

    My continuing efforts to improve the lot of homebrewers everywhere.
  2. crescent city Mike

    Another Energy Source

    I've been struggling with fossil fuel usage and thought I had that moral dilemma conquered. I was wrong.
  3. crescent city Mike

    Burton Breweries and Water Profiles

    Water profiles for Burton Breweries - an interesting historical look at the Burton Breweries in the late 19th century. Might be useful if you're looking to brew a Burton style PA
  4. crescent city Mike

    My New Website

    I just started my own website and have had some traffic to date. I've got all sorts of stuff available and it might even give insight to many. I started brewing 30 years ago with Dave Line's "Big Book of Brewing" and have always had a warm spot in my heart for...