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  1. chrisbjones202

    Blue Stone IPA

    I spend a lot of time in Newport and been to the brewery. There pretty friendly, send them a message to ask about the hops. £30 for a case of 12 seems pretty standard from a brewery although have found some of there most recent brews were not to my taste. Struggled to drink a bedrock blonde.
  2. chrisbjones202

    Rehydrating yeast

    I use a 250ml erlenmeyer flask, star san then pour in 100ml boiling water. Leave to cool to 35 while im doing other things. Easy to swirl the yeast in and again get into suspension before tipping in. No bother at all compared to the rest of the process.
  3. chrisbjones202

    Scam warning.

    That's bad, I'm sure the NHS wouldn't be encouraging us to go to and mix in theme parks even if Boris would. Some people will fall for it. Did make me chuckle when it was suggested clubs should ask for vaccination cards, any printer could bash them out...
  4. chrisbjones202

    Grainfather Electric Grain mill

    Interesting MM guide, never adjusted the mill for different grains
  5. chrisbjones202

    Any plummers? Help identifying a alkathene joint

    Thanks for quick reply. As i remember there is an insert with a protruding o-ring to seal against the fitting which was why i was wondering if i could get a like for like. Seen most seal on the outside but the pipe is quite rough
  6. chrisbjones202

    Any plummers? Help identifying a alkathene joint

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help me identify a coupling I have on a mains feed. The 15mm copper connector is a JG one and split on the threads under o-ring. Seems it's a brass one now with tapered 1/2" bsp but nervous the angle not designed for interference fit. Local plumbers...
  7. chrisbjones202

    You couldn't make it up.

    Must have done a dodgy ewe turn
  8. chrisbjones202

    Free bottles- Brackley south Northants

    Sorry, no they went for recycling as I needed the space
  9. chrisbjones202

    What BBQ?

    That's my plan Clint, I do enjoy cooking over good charcoal which i do on holiday but also the flexibility of gas as suits. Seen a few Weber around second hand on eBay
  10. chrisbjones202

    What BBQ?

    I have a broil king with a rotisserie which we use a lot and it's great when we have people round. Did a great full brisket for a party when we were alowed one, burnt ends were to die for. Feeding some chunks of oak for smoke (like the charcoal fans 😉). Cooking on charcoal is great but more...
  11. chrisbjones202

    What BBQ?

    And were off...
  12. chrisbjones202

    What BBQ?

    At the risk of starting an argument, gas or charcoal (personally i think both have their merits)?
  13. chrisbjones202

    When to replace co2 bottle?

    I've got an adams gas bottle as I used to work near one but now closest is Brize Norton
  14. chrisbjones202

    When to replace co2 bottle?

    With liquid co2, when it hits the red your on vapours, doesn't move much beforehand. I weighed my latest bottle full to know how much left down the line. Fairly cheap so I'd rather waste a few pounds worth than run out as my closest is 45min away, i was panicking in first lockdown ;)
  15. chrisbjones202

    Free bottles- Brackley south Northants

    Morning all, Having a clearout as hoping to move soon I've not counted but have around a hundred bottles, mainly 500ml, some 330ml if anyone wants them before they go for recycling. Mostly cleaned and sealed
  16. chrisbjones202

    Rubbish tube heaters!

    Had my tube for about 5years, think I got it off ebay, no issues.
  17. chrisbjones202

    Hello from Bicester

    Like Tow cester Welcome from sunny Brackley!
  18. chrisbjones202

    Do you remember.

    I didn't think I was that old but I stand corrected...
  19. chrisbjones202

    Equipment poll

    30psi bursts over a couple of days before dropping
  20. chrisbjones202

    So who's growing chillies 2021?

    I candied some Jalapeno the other week (bought as I'm in UK) after seeing a recipe on line, they shrank a lot but are very moreish, good in a sandwich.