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  1. Craftman

    Recipes with dry hop

    This might seem a really daft question but having brewed a Greg Hughes Black IPA today I've now got myself confused about when to dry hop. The recipe says citra dry hop 4 days. Is that dry hop 4 days into fermentation, or dry hop 4 days before bottling? Thanks in advance
  2. Craftman

    Greg Hughes Black IPA

    Ive just ordered supplies to brew the Back IPA recipe in "the bible" Worryingly when I plug the recipe into the grainfather app it estimates an ABV of 6.45% compared with the 5.1% quoted in the book. I don't mind a strong brew, but not sure SWMBO will be happy with 40 pints of rocket fuel...
  3. Craftman

    What to do with extra hops?

    I placed an order with get 'er brewed for a custom grain kit to make Greg Hughes' European Lager. Unfortunately the custom grain kit didn't have Hersbrucker as an option on the hop page, so I ended up buying a 50g pack separately. My question is if Im using 17g @10mins and 21g @1min what should...