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  1. Mr_S_Jerusalem


    Hello, so as the title suggests I’m thinking bout mushrooms. I bought my girlfriend a chestnut mushroom growing kit for a laugh for Christmas, and its turned out pretty good so far, got some pretty big ones off it. Thing is, price wise, as far as the kits go it really is just a novelty thing...
  2. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Gooseberry and elderflower

    So basically I’d like to make a gooseberry and elderflower wine, tinned of course, it is November after all and I don’t feel like endlessly browsing the internet for some frozen fruit with a 10 quid delivery charge... So I was thinking 1.2kg tinned gooseberries (pretty standard), 250g sultanas...
  3. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Calcium chloride

    Hey guys, So this morning I was chucking together 2 gallon of tinned pear wine. 6 tins of pears in syrup. after I’d chucked it all together I happened to be looking at the back and saw that it had this calcium chloride as a firming agent which I hadn’t realised from my brief Ocado glance was...
  4. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    David Attenborough (Not a R.I.P)

    Guys, if you haven’t watched it already, watch his new movie on Netflix or in any other way you can. It’s called A Life on Our Planet and it is the best movie I have seen for a long time. It has a powerful message to put across that the man himself does in the best way possible. Please watch...
  5. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Apple and Blackberry Wine

    For 2 gallons: 2.6kg chopped apples 2.6kg blackberries 2.2kg sugar 500g chopped sultanas Mug of strong tea The usual suspects Made it an hour ago, I have high hopes for this one My arms and legs are still stinging from the nettles and brambles I ripped them on this morning lol
  6. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Should I add citric acid to tinned pineapple wine?

    Anyone tried this before? Thinking of making a couple of gallons and I heard pineapple is naturally quite acidic, so was wondering what people thought.
  7. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Stirring up sediment

    Hello, So being the genius I am, I have mistakenly understood some advice I read (yes you guessed it, on the internet) and stirred my priming sugar into my primary bucket, causing the sediment to be stirred up. So, a couple of questions, will this settle out good enough to bottle before the...
  8. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Malted wheat

    So I’ve seen a video for potato and wheat wine or ‘poor mans brandy’ that’s taken my fancy. In it he uses malted wheat. So I only make wine from fruit and flowers really, I assume this is a beer thing. Beer means get a Kit for me lol. So, do you guys know where I can get a lb of malted wheat...
  9. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Elderflowers question

    Hello, so couple questions bout elderflowers. I got a recipe for 24 heads of fresh elderflower per gallon, does that sound about right? Also, if I pick a load, can I freeze them and use them later with the same effects as fresh? One more question, Is the cat pee one any good for brewing or...
  10. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Priming in bucket for beer kit

    Hello, so I heard that adding the sugar to the beer in the bucket just before priming (to go into bottles) is better than adding individual teaspoons to each bottle? Due to consistency. So, does anyone know how much sugar I should add to my bucket? It will be 20 litres of cerveza (Which I...
  11. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Is my wine actually done?

    Hello, So 11 days ago I started 3 gallons of tinned rhubarb and gooseberry. My plan was to leave it in the bucket in the goo for a week then strain it into demijohns. However circumstances were... and then they weren’t.... and then life.... and then blah... So anyway here we are on day 11 and...
  12. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Nettle Wine

    Evening folks, Just bottled my Nettle Wine. Well I say just bottled it, it was actually like 2pm lol. Anyway, it’s a pretty wierd, grassy flavour, but considering it’s cheap as buggery to make I highly recommend it coz it ain’t ‘alf bad. Here’s a recipe for anyone interested. Can’t remember...
  13. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Rhubarb and Gooseberry

    Well folks, I’ve had a few tins of Rhubarb floating around for a while, found a couple of dented ones in random shops and my girlfriend picked up a handful a while ago from Tesco. Then, lo and behold there appeared 3 more tins of gooseberries. Well, today I did the only thing I could do with...
  14. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Primary fermentation in a bucket

    So this may seem like a dumb question, and actually everyone else no doubt has it but frankly it bugs me lol, But every time I'm racking out of primary into secondary I'm losing like half a bottle of wine, so by the time I'm coming to bottling I've got like 5 bottles and a bit left over, unless...
  15. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Lapsang Mead

    Hello, I have a mead that I think is very close to finishing. I took an SG reading 3 days ago and it was 1.015, today it was also 1.015. Is this a normal stopping point for a mead? Or does it need further encouragement? It tastes like mildly sweet smokey alcohol lol. It’s quite wierd.
  16. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Topping up Mead

    Hello, So recently I have a started a Lapsang Souchong mead, which has been bubbling away for about 3 days now and is a sort of murky dark brown colour. I found the recipe on the internet somewhere, basically around 15g tea stewed, 3 jars of honey , I’ve added 100g Demerara sugar to boost the...
  17. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Butlers Pale Aperitif

    Hey guys, so I ordered this recently for a laugh. Just wondering, Have any of you guys tried it? What’s it taste like? Is it easy to make? Just trying to gauge a sort of general opinion of it, is it anything like sherry like it says, etc. Thanks
  18. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Topping up question

    So, I've made 2 gallons of Rice and Raisin wine, which seemed to be going along well in the bucket for the last week. Sunday I strained it off into 2 demijohns, one of them is full, and due to some adding error the second one was about 1.5 litres missing. Obviously I was mildly irritated lol...
  19. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Gooseberry question

    Hello, so I'm thinking about making some wine with tinned gooseberries (the Princes 300g tins). I've got 4 tins on order, so 1200g of tinned gooseberries in syrup, and I've read somewhere that 600g is enough for 1 gallon (with 500g raisins per gallon) is this accurate? Has anyone tried it with...
  20. Mr_S_Jerusalem

    Wilko Homebrew

    Wilko have deals on their home brew stuff right now according to their website