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  1. DCBC

    Wort cooling

    It must be possible. If your kitchen tap is relatively modern with an aerator then you have a thread you can get started with. This is my brewery tap, it's a bit Heath Robinson but I have: - The bit at the top where the black band is is where the aerator would screw on - Instead I have screwed...
  2. DCBC

    National insurance.

    Thank you so much! That would be amazing - we've done a fair bit of research but it feels at the moment like trying to untangle a knot where you can't even find the ends.
  3. DCBC

    S-04 yeast - funky aftertaste...?

    I always get marzipan from S-04. It's not unpleasant but I've never made a crisp, balanced beer using it. It always seems a little sweet and flabby.
  4. DCBC

    National insurance.

    Interestingly, for us, it's France if we could make it work, Scotland if not! I speak French but wife doesn't so it would be isolating for her, notwithstanding the tax, healthcare and pension issues. I don't want to derail a thread but it would be great to hear about your...
  5. DCBC

    National insurance.

    An Ankoù, especially in light of the current UK political situation I am extremely jealous of you living in France. My wife and I would love to make the move but it's looking so much harder post-Brexit.
  6. DCBC

    National insurance.

    Levelling up my @rse
  7. DCBC

    What are you reading ?

    Just finished Day of the Jackal, which was a lot of fun. Currently reading a History of God by Karen Armstrong. I don't have an scrap of religious belief but it's a fascinating insight into how the 'God' of Christianity, Judaism and Islam came into being and how worship has changed over the...
  8. DCBC

    Best method to clear beer

    Interesting post, I have never tried brewer's clarex, is it easy to use and does it do anything else to the beer? In reply to @Fletch, I think 15 mins for protafloc is too long. The way it works, as I understand it (and I only understand it in really simple terms) is that the positively...
  9. DCBC

    Yeast Nutrient

    I use bread yeast as nutrient whenever I brew with kveik (last 5 mins of the boil)
  10. DCBC

    Is capitalism exploiting you?

    bee.. beer? what sort of a forum do you think this is?
  11. DCBC

    Is capitalism exploiting you?

    Thank you! I don't expect everyone to agree but it's pretty much my world view.
  12. DCBC

    Is capitalism exploiting you?

    There have been some interesting posts in this thread in the last 24 hours so I thought I would post a few follow-up things: Regarding the idea that all the stands between the 'sheep' who have to work for others and the brave visionaries who go out on their own is a little courage and...
  13. DCBC

    Is capitalism exploiting you?

    Thanks :) I wasn't meaning to make it that long, still, I don't wade into these sorts of debates much so I've just been saving up my words maybe!
  14. DCBC

    Is capitalism exploiting you?

    I have a huge amount of time and respect for Prof Wolff and I have been following his Economic Update podcast for a few years now. I don't expect many in this forum to agree especially given some of the debates there have been recently but my 2 cents anyway! The problem with the (very...
  15. DCBC

    Recomendation for Water Analysis

    Good question - FWIW there is some variability and indeed when I got my sample tested we were in the middle of a major drought and water shortage. I was concerned that the ions would be more concentrated or something (!) and/or that TW would be getting top-up water from other sources. In the...
  16. DCBC

    Recomendation for Water Analysis

    I'm in South Oxfordshire and I paid for a Murphy's test, which was quick and easy and detailed, but the main thing is taught me was just how incredibly accurate the latest Thames Water report for my area was, so I will just rely on Thames Water from now on.
  17. DCBC


    A good number of fridges are rated to +10 to+43 degrees which should be fine for a garage even if they don't specifically say they are rated for an unheated outbuilding. These are SN-T class I think. I use a garden office to brew and ferment with a £100(ish) panel heater, and also a solar...
  18. DCBC

    Kveik Yeast in American Amber Ale

    Please do let us know how this turns out! I made my fave American amber (with lots of Columbus) last year with Lallemand Voss and it was a bit disappointing to be honest. The voss thinned out the lovely malty backbone and made it a bit one-dimensional. Hope yours works out better.
  19. DCBC

    Brewing two beers this weekend... but only have one brew fridge.

    It's been mentioned but I would definitely go down the saison route. I brewed for the Malt Miller / Elusive wit competition a couple of weeks ago but my kit won't comfortably handle less than 30L, I only (currently) have 20L fermentation chamber space and I didn't really want 30L of witbier...
  20. DCBC

    My Claim to Fame

    I was in the first Harry Potter film as an extra. You can see the side of my head (blurry) for about 0.00002 nanoseconds.