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  1. DavieC

    First time cider questions/?reassurance

    The dregs in the bottle are tasty sometimes :beer1:. If your batches of cider are from separate trees you will probably find blending them together gives a better tasting cider as a good mix of Apple types is usually favourable. Glad to hear you've embraced the whole cider making routine...
  2. DavieC

    First time cider questions/?reassurance

    Hi Adam, sorry can't help with the hydrometer, it hasn't got the same scales as mine, it might be worth asking about it in the general brewing forum,I'm sure someone will decipher it. Your cider will end up crystal clear given time,the clearer it is before it's bottled will mean less sediment in...
  3. DavieC

    First time cider questions/?reassurance

    If you want sparkling cider I carbonate with 5g white sugar per 500ml bottle.I had one last night that I bottled last year.Tasted great to me but my wife always says it's still a bit sharp but thats how I like it.sounds like you have plenty of options for wines and ciders.Great stuff. athumb..
  4. DavieC

    Minton's gold Old English Bitter

    Hi all, I just bottled this kit yesterday.It sat undisturbed in the FV for 6 weeks as I was struggling for time but as a result was fairly clear.Transfered it into bottling bucket onto a 52g sugar syrup(half Ltr water) I gently stirred as it went in as I'm convinced I've been ending up with...
  5. DavieC

    I'm going Sober for October - Anyone Else?

    @Stevieboy in your first picture it looks like you're with Ade Edmondson and Tyson Fury!
  6. DavieC

    First time cider questions/?reassurance

    Hi Adam, it sounds like you're doing ok with your cider.You will find it improves a lot with ageing and conditioning but first time I made some ,the bulk of it didn't get the chance because I couldn't wait to drink it!.I ferment mine in a plastic Fermentation bucket and then after a couple of...
  7. DavieC

    New to forum, Yeasty tasting cider,

    Hi @Fredaford have you thought about trying making 'turbo cider'?. Apple juice from supermarket and yeast (cider or ale), lots of threads on here with loads of advice I've always had good results with Turbo but have not made a kit so can't compare it.
  8. DavieC

    What are you listening to tonight.

    CCR... John Fogerty's voice is superb!
  9. DavieC

    Keg That Giveaway!

    Hi, American Amber ale please ,many thanks
  10. DavieC

    Bonfire night

    never had CH until I got my own house,until then it was a coal fire in the livingroom and leave the stairs door open, and then when my parents split I went with my mother to a different house and she bought an old Rayburn stove but even then it was pretty cold everywhere else in the house, used...
  11. DavieC

    2021 Apple Harvest Cider Thread

    It does feel like hard work at times.
  12. DavieC

    2021 Apple Harvest Cider Thread

    Excellent, can't beat itathumb..
  13. DavieC

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Not a beer,' Sambucas' Elderflower champagne made it earlier this year but only bottled 3 weeks ago, lovely Elderflower aroma and taste and plenty of fizz, thanks @An Ankoù for the recommendation of the retro fit swing top caps,they keep the fizz and pop splendidly.
  14. DavieC

    2021 Apple Harvest Cider Thread

    How is it looking @Metman79 , Everything ok?
  15. DavieC

    Elderflower champagne

    hi all , pink elderflower champagne, made earlier this year but only bottled a few weeks ago,I used 12.5g sugar per 750 ml bottle.I fitted the bottles with swing top caps as recommended by and many thanks to @An Ankoù they work great and the champers is delicious,great aroma and plenty of...
  16. DavieC

    Bonfire night

    :DHope no one had left the washing out!
  17. DavieC

    Bonfire night

    We used to build a huge bonfire in 'the backs' just a few feet from people's gates, sometimes another gang would come and try to light it up before the 5th,the older lads stayed on guard all night once it was built.
  18. DavieC

    Bonfire night

    Steady on @devexwarrior , I certainly didn't want or intend to upset anyone, it was a genuine thought.
  19. DavieC

    Bonfire night

    I was listening to the radio the other day and a chap was on advertising an organised bonfire and fireworks display.He said that they have a thousand tons of timber to set fire to.Im not sure if he meant a hundred tons but either way that's a lot of carbon going into the air at a time when we're...
  20. DavieC

    Red wine temperature (fermentation)

    Hi, the kits or Wows I've done it's usually room temperature in summer, so maybe 20'-23' ,DJ will heat up a bit during fermentation as well but only a degree or so. As a matter of interest,what are you making?