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  1. Drunkula

    I it generally cheaper

    I make beer that I wouldn't pay for. Steady, nutty! What I mean is that sometimes I'll make something like Pedigree which I'd never buy in a shop because if you've got Shipyard in your hand and Pedigree and they're the same price there's no way I'm taking the Pedigree. But the Pedigree to...
  2. Drunkula

    Greg Hughes recipes

    There are tons of errors in the second edition. I might have found a few more than that thread because I went through every recipe converting to percentages and picked up a few while I was scribbling all over it...
  3. Drunkula

    Forgot flameout

    Couple of brewing podcasts I listened to recently said the mash out was just not necessary. I still heat sparge water but if I forget then don't bother because of tests showing it just isn't necessary. The first time I did it was well before I read tests on it and was like what! when it all...
  4. Drunkula

    Hydrating dry yeast That's a good read about why hydration is good. And getting the temperate right, about 35c helps.
  5. Drunkula

    Which movie(s) have you watched recently?

    Yes. I love that scene because it's so representative of the real universe. A million, trillion, zillion, gazilllion molecules and one over infinity minus one of them gives a toss about anything, even the ones that could help.
  6. Drunkula

    Which movie(s) have you watched recently?

    I've been avoiding it until I get more input because so many people think it turns into a mess towards the end. I still think I want to see it because of Ros Pike being a complete sheisstein. I watched The White Tiger -Don't read on if you think you're going to watch it. Someone saying "great...
  7. Drunkula

    The dreaded keg glug

    Start here : Strive for here :
  8. Drunkula

    The worst thing about corny kegs....
  9. Drunkula

    PINTER beer system

    This is one of the chaps that's trying to make this lame duck do some fancy dancing. Giving him huge credit because he's really putting the effort in with the system and telling the truth.
  10. Drunkula

    PINTER beer system

    I've been following people using them and the false smiles and honeymoon periods are wearing off. They're tweaking the kits with spraymalt and changing the conditioning time, even putting it into bottles. Anything to try and make it do what it was supposed to. It's like seeing a toy on TV...
  11. Drunkula

    Batch size

    I had absolutely sod all apart from stuff in the house when I started doing all grain. Get the test version of BeerSmith and just fannying about with it, adding grains and looking at the figures in how it changes the abv and the water needed will teach you loads. And you'll need to learn what...
  12. Drunkula

    Frasier fans.

    Yeah, Marty being gone is a huge hit and it's not like they can say Eddie has been hid in the freezer for 30 years. And when the Niles and Daphne thing came to an end that took a huge element out of the show. Most memorable episode for me is when Niles takes Daphne to the dance and finally...
  13. Drunkula

    Storing dry yeast

    I bought 8 winebuddy kits and after 2 years the yeast was utterly dead. It's in huge packets with tons of nutrient so i don't know if them being in together kills it quicker. I had a tin of bread yeast that was dead after 18 months you know, the Allinsons with the plastic cap on. and it had...
  14. Drunkula

    Beer Kits - Do the Pro's still use em'?

    Absolutely. I did a split batch of a mangrove jack's ipa kit and did one with dextrose, one with spraymalt and the dextrose version was much more to style, the malt really deadened the hops.
  15. Drunkula

    Cheapest no rinse sanitiser

    You'll rinse after chemsan?
  16. Drunkula

    Can I open bucket lid to take gravity measurement?

    I throw a hydrometer into the fermenter after about 8 days and if it hasn't finished just leave in there and check again 5 days later. Buy a couple of them so you can just leave them in there. It's not worth doing early in the ferment because they get covered in krausen.
  17. Drunkula

    Cheapest no rinse sanitiser

    @gavp1979 that's exactly what I had - but you're not then filling bottles from the top from the tap are you? If you put a length of 3/8" on the outlet you can fill from the bottom. Less oxidation.
  18. Drunkula

    Cheapest no rinse sanitiser

    There ya go - that's the version I tidied up and put some notes in. Sadly it's making the bleach no-rinse that made me able to taste chlorine in tap water, I never used to notice it. When I was bottling I'd spray the no-rinse in my mouth before sucking the syphon and it sadly trained up my...
  19. Drunkula

    #52 Voss Kviek Pale Ale

    Is that kveik slurrrrry (hate that word)? If so then that's about enough for 50 batches by the look of it.
  20. Drunkula


    They don't exist any more. Been gone at least 4 years.