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  1. obscure

    MJ Single Hop Citra IPA

    I’m reading the instructions from the MJ website as: As you choose one of the three so I reckon you are fine also the kit seems to be 2.5KG So with 1 kilo of dextrose in 23L would give you an...
  2. obscure

    Small batch all grain kits or low volume grain purchases?

    First up woth having a look at this thread if you haven’t already: 1. Home Brew Store | United Kingdom | Crossmyloof Brew Does 1 gallon all grain kits I’ve done a few and they are pretty decent. Also 5 Litre All grain...
  3. obscure

    Brewing Sugar for priming

    That sounds more like it and yes if you are happy with the level of carbonation given that should work fine. Only other thing to bare in mind I think the priming sugar in the Festival kits are dextrose (brewing sugar) while if you use cane sugar (sucrose) you use very slightly less I think it...
  4. obscure

    Brewing Sugar for priming

    Hi first up I don’t batch prime personally but absolutely nothing wrong with it, but I think you have an error in your numbers 400g in 32 pints is about 12.5g a bottle which would be a seriously bad idea. This priming calculator doesn’t go...
  5. obscure

    Advice Please - Equipment for my first AG

    One thing to bare in mind with stove top brewing is their is a limit to how much liquid you can realistically boil, I have an induction hob and find it is a struggle to boil more than about 15L. This is fine for me as I mostly do 9-10L batches, but if you are looking to do larger batches you...
  6. obscure

    Kveik yeast question

    I have mostly used Voss (as you can get it dry) and on the whole it works well. I do find that it does seem to stall if it gets much below 25°C but on the whole it is pretty easy to use. I typically pitch at about 40°C and just leave it to it, it does however go extremely quickly, I,e. I have...
  7. obscure


    While your curry looked good those look perfect (I often prefer the starters to the actual curry).
  8. obscure


    Chicken Katsu curry for me tonight I love the combination of a curry sauce and fried chicken.
  9. obscure

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    4.5L Maris Otter Mystic Smash 9.5L Dunkel Total 28075 L
  10. obscure

    What did you brew today?

    Just mashing in my final brew of 2021 and it’s a Dunkel (hops are Hersbrucker and yeast is CML Hell). I’m a tad worried that their is talk of it being very mild New Year’s Eve but hopefully not too warm for a larger yeast.
  11. obscure

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Just tapped my latest batch of GW Archer Best Bitter, which seems to have taken the place of the GW Landlord as my default bitter. It’s just a nice easy drinking bitter, and now need to order the grain for a fresh batch.
  12. obscure

    What did you brew today?

    A one gallon batch of a Mystic-Maris Otter Smash (or Mystic Otter for short) not exactly complicated 1 KG of Maris Otter and a 60 minute and 5 minute addition of Mystic. I’m fermenting with CML PIA and plan to do a three day dry hop with some more Mystic. I am planning to make this the first...
  13. obscure

    Soda stream equivalent now available on Amazon

    Assume it’s this company here They offer a subscription service which works out at £10 a canister, so about £3 a cylinder cheaper than soda stream. Unfortunately they don’t seem to offer much flexibility I.e. it’s four cylinders every three months (the other...
  14. obscure

    Yorkshire Pudding Wrap.

    I would like to pretend that I don’t do the same but sometimes I just crave the ultra processed, the Greggs Sausage roll, the McDonalds burger. or the Lidl festive Yorkshire pudding wrap it’s that combination of being hot, greasy and salty that makes It a guilty pleasure for a wet cold and...
  15. obscure

    Diluting Wort

    I quite often misjudge my boil off and end up with maybe a litre less than expected (I do 9L batches) and have taken to just topping up with water, and It doesn’t seem to have had a negative effect.
  16. obscure

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    9L Stout & 9L of Pilsner Total 26,170 Litres
  17. obscure

    Is this the beginning of the end for the Conservatives.

    I suspect you are right about May, if I remember rightly if they get the relevant number of letters to the committee to trigger a leadership challenge and Johnson manages to get 50%+1 of Conservative party MP’s to vote for him then Conservative party rules means their cannot be another...
  18. obscure

    What did you brew today?

    A second batch of CML Chills Pills Larger, I previously brewed a gallon of this but decided to up it to 10L, while it’s still cold enough to brew larger without refrigeration. One thing I was particularly impressed by was the Lubelski hops I had never heard of the variety before, (a Polish...
  19. obscure

    Covid - Plan B & Omicron

    It left me confused when I got my e-mail confirmation for my booster that it had this line Until then I hasn’t appreciated that their was a difference between a third dose and a booster, (and that people with certain condition‘s are getting a third dose plus a booster). Doesn’t help that...
  20. obscure


    I can’t actually remember how much I paid for my box but was probably about that. Expensive compared to a bag of sugar but a fraction of what you would pay for carbonation drops. Plus it means no messing around with tea spoons and funnels if I used loose sugar.