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  1. jamow

    English IPA dry hop

    Any advice for dry hopping an English style IPA, generously late hopped with Challenger? OG - 1.058. Maris, Crystal and malted Wheat. Maybe a touch too much Crystal. Its a little sweet out the fermenter. Fermented with Verdant IPA in half and London III in the other. Pellet hops I have to hand...
  2. jamow

    Stout grain bill advice

    Hello! Trying to put together a stout from the malts I have in stock. I'm thinking of : Maris Otter 78.6% Flaked Barley 8.7% Melanoiden 4.4% Unmalted Roasted Barley 3.1% Special X 3.1% Caragold 2.2% This will give roughly 54 EBC colour Bittering to 37 IBU Trying to avoid any harsh roast...
  3. jamow

    Brew Kettle Leaking

    I’ve got a leak at the join behind my brew kettle thermometer. There’s a silicone washer in place. I’ve re-seated it but to no avail. How best to remedy this?