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  1. Dazzelknight

    Grain mill £65 (Amazon)

    Hi all To anybody interested in milling your own grain there’s good discount at the moment. I have the same model and can’t fault it. Free delivery (12 in stock)
  2. Dazzelknight

    Ali Express delivery costs Yikes!

    Hi all Iv been looking at Keg Land on AliExpress and even tho the prices are excellent, if you don’t mind the wait, the delivery charges are extortionate!. Now Iv seen some posts on here of people buying items, so I’m surely missing the trick when it comes to delivery charges…Fermzilla...
  3. Dazzelknight

    Hazy ipa grain bill help

    Morning all Today I’m wanting to do a hazy ipa but I don’t have any flaked oats, it’s the GH Neipa… all I have is Torrefied flaked barley and the local supermarket sell organic wheat flakes. So question is can I use these as substitute to get the creamy mouthfeel and haze.. other grains I have...
  4. Dazzelknight

    Is this normal (protein) ?

    Hi all Been doing AG for about 6 months now and seems (to me anyway) I’m getting way too much proteins congealing at flame out. I’m adding about 1/3 of a whirlfloc tablet at last 15min of boil. Take a look at the photos,, is this normal.
  5. Dazzelknight

    Harris pure brew tablets alternative?

    Hi all Iv been using the Harris pure brew tablets but I find them a little pricey. Any of you wizards know of any cheaper alternatives I can use ? The pack comes with yeast nutrient which I already buy so in large bags, so seems false economy. don’t mind bulk buying.
  6. Dazzelknight

    Crystal Dark = Special B

    Hi you knowledgeable people. Newbie AG question. Looking at a speckled hen recipe and it states 10% of grain bill is Crystal dark, which I don’t have. Iv got Crystal 60 and Special B. So would I get away using this ?. Like 7% Crystal 60 and 3% special B ?
  7. Dazzelknight

    Cleaning Hop Spiders

    Hi all Is there a trade secret to cleaning hop spiders at the end of a brew day. They’re a pain in the **** !. Iv resorted to squeezing the outflow pipe of my wort chiller to do a “mini power wash”. Any of u knowledgable people got a easier method to do it.
  8. Dazzelknight


  9. Dazzelknight

    Fermented out in 4 days ?

    I did a AG on Sunday. 23L of Cornish pale. Hit my expected OG of 1048 and Pitched dry Safale 04 at 22’C then straight into the FF at 19’C. By Wednesday all activity had stopped so I took a GR and already hit 1012, increased temp to 22’c, checked again Thursday and this morning,, 1012 !. How is...
  10. Dazzelknight

    BIAB Sparge Dunk

    Another beginners question. When doing a BIAB, after the mash I lift the bag and place on a solid adjustable sieve on top of my pot and rinse the grains with a jug. I find this very messy as the weight of the grains tend to make the bag spill over the sides. Iv seen people use a hoist to lift...
  11. Dazzelknight

    Need help on choosing grains

    Hi all I’v just made the leap into AG. Iv done a couple of dark rock AG kits and been very pleased with the outcome. My next step is to invest in a grain mill and buy uncrushed grains, seems logical to save a couple of quid in the long run. Thing is I live in Jersey and the shipping costs are...
  12. Dazzelknight

    Back sweeten & priming cider

    Morning all Gonna bottle my 1st turbo cider (5lt). She’s coming in at just over 7% which is a little too strong for me, so gonna prime with more AJ and back sweeten with xylitol, which Iv read is 100% natural and less likely to give me the green apple splatters !. I’m after it been well...
  13. Dazzelknight

    Over pitching (yeast cake)

    Did a PG Proper Job clone last night and went straight on my previous brews yeast cake (Safale 04). My Fermentation Fridge had a PB full of ale in so I just left it to do it’s thing (was getting late and I was lazy) . Woke this morning to a volcano and a temp of 27’c (room is 20’c) .. Quick...
  14. Dazzelknight

    Science behind the perfect glass.

    Iv got a good few beer glasses, different shapes, sizes, some with the printed widgets on the bottom (if that’s what you call them?). But iv got one glass, my favourite. It’s a Staropramen straight handled tankard style and no matter which beer I put in, it always gives the best aesthetics, at...
  15. Dazzelknight

    Help with recipe

    Morning all Gonna attempt my first BIAB and have this Doom Bar recipe. Trying to work out the hop additions. Am I right in thinking I add the Chinook and Fuggles at the start of the boil for 60mins and the Northern brewer and Perle at the 45mins for the last 15min ? Or all in at the start of boil ?
  16. Dazzelknight

    Hipster and IPA’s

    Being new to brewing iv been watching a lot of YouTube and noticed many young bearded hipsters doing their IPA’s.. the penny’s dropped 🤓 Hops and pot: How they're related
  17. Dazzelknight

    Splitting An All Grain.

    Hi All I did my first part grain yesterday,, a dark rock kit. All went well and I feel confident in progressing to an all grain next. I have Doom Bar clone that will make 23L. Now my thinking is because I have a 20L pan is to split the kit into two 11.5L batches. My question is because the...
  18. Dazzelknight

    Inkbird calibration

    Hi guys Iv just converted a undercounted fridge to a FC. Iv mounted a heating tube inside all wired to the inkbird . I’m just doing a trial run before my next brew and I’m having trouble calibrating the inkbird to run at a constant 20’C. What I’m finding is the residual heat left in the heating...
  19. Dazzelknight

    Carbonation drops for 5lt mini keg

    Hi All I’m about to prime and bottle my first brew this weekend. It’s a simple Yorkshire bitter and I’m going to be using crafty Fox’s carbonation drops. I’m going to prime 1 drop per 500ml bottle, iv also got two 5lt doom bar mini kegs that iv happily emptied. I hear these kegs can be a little...
  20. Dazzelknight


    Hello all Well iv opened the door to a new thirst quenching world. iv finally ordered my first beginners brew kit !. Iv ordered my mix that is likened to one of my favourite tipples “Doom Bar”. I’m looking for any tips on what water to use for my virgin batch. Iv done a little reading on other...