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  1. pintofmild

    Sage Nutri Juicer by Heston Blumenthal

    Hi all, Anybody had any experience of these juicers to make cider, I have heard they are good for small amounts of apples, looking forward to the Autumn already !
  2. pintofmild

    A good tip for a dry Hopping Spider

    A good tip when you get around to using hop spiders for Dry Hopping, put them in the keg upside down so that when it's time to clean them all the gunk left is on the lid which then unscrews, so it's a lot easier to clean. Probably stating the obvious to our learned friends out there but just...
  3. pintofmild

    Beer Festival: Newton Abbot

    Hi, I would like to bring to everybody's attention that the Newton Abbot Beer Festival by Tuckers Maltings is on in April, 16th, 17th and 18th, its their 23rd bash: Its a cracker and spans three days with live music, an all...
  4. pintofmild

    Storing Yeast

    Just wondering where your local HBS stores their yeast as the obvious best place is the freezer, I know of many who have the packets lying loose on the shelves (in the warm) :doh: Question: Where does your local HBS keep theirs ?
  5. pintofmild

    Kegtopia - Great Site for Cornies

    New kegs from 6 to 25 litres. I wouldn't be without my 25s now. Used kegs, QDs etc too. Helpful bloke as well. If I find a good deal I just cant help but share it !
  6. pintofmild

    Cornies £55 Delivered

    Sounds a well good deal to me: 19 litre cornies for £55 while they last! Go for it !
  7. pintofmild

    Sunny Devon

    Greetings from South Devon:hat:I have been brewing for quite a while now, Im using a 100 litre micro system but have a brew length of 73 litres to give it all headroom. What a hobby,,, even a bad brew is a good brew ! I converted the back end of my Garage to house it all, all painted out floor...