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  1. Class68driver

    Dark Farm 5 litre keg question

    Just after some opinions, my lovely wife has just bought me 2 5 litre dark farm kegs with all the taps etc. I've filled one with some beer and about 15g of brewing sugar which I them plan to fix the tap to and use the Co2 capsule to dispense. Is this the best way to do it? Or on my next one due...
  2. Class68driver

    Mangrove Jack Craft Series Mixed Berry Cider

    A very nice drinkable cider, to be honest you wouldn't know this was home brew unless you were told. Started this on a Monday and it measured in at 1050, left it until Sunday and it was down to 1008, I had already added the sweetener when I first started, I added the whole sachet as I like a...
  3. Class68driver

    Mangrove Jack Craft Series Helles

    Another great MJ kit, started at 1044 and got down to 1010 so achieved the advertised 4.4%. Been in the bottle for about 4 weeks now and has cleared nicely and has a lovely flavour and good levels of carbonation. I'm working my way through the MJ craft series and they really are top kits and...
  4. Class68driver

    Mangrove Jack Craft Series Pilsner

    What a great kit!!! Started at 1044 and only 8 days later was at 1008, I'd dry hopped it on day 5. Its been in the bottle now for 3 weeks. I thought I would try one this evening to see how it was coming on fully expecting it to need a bit longer. I was very pleased to drink a crisp, clear and...
  5. Class68driver

    Acquired a Pinter

    Hello all, I have recently come into possession of a Pinter and whilst I have no interest in using it to brew any of their packs I was wondering if I could add 5 litres out of my bucket add some carb drops and let the beer condition for 3 or 4 weeks inside it, then when it was time I could just...
  6. Class68driver

    Kegarator Wanted.

    Long shot I know but I always prefer to see if I can upcycle something rather than buy new. Looking for a kegarator, happy to collect and pay cash. Cheers 🍻