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    Starsan in Beer Lines and Cooler

    My set up is 3 Corny Kegs supplying 3 beer fonts in my bar via a flash cooler. I also have a separate Kegerator that delivers cask ale to a hand pump via a demand valve. My question is - Is it safe to leave Starsan in the beer lines between brews? The beer lines are 3/8” Valspar and the flash...
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    Fridges For Kegerator

    Thanks for the info, I'll look into that one. Problem is that the shops are shut and you can't see before you buy!
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    Fridges For Kegerator

    Wondering what current fridge models are suitable. I only need to fit 2 corny kegs inside. Thanks in advance.
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    Skipsea YO25
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    Cider - back sweetening.

    Thank you, I'll give the apple juice a go. There's quite a bit about this topic on YouTube also.
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    Cider - back sweetening.

    Has anyone got any experience in sweetening cider before bottling? I’m thinking of artificial sweeteners, as I need to control priming sugar.