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  1. Kye

    DIPA Failure - Wheat/Oats?

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone else has experienced very low mash efficiency when using oats and/or wheat and come up with any solution. I brewed a Verdant style DIPA today which I was hoping to be an 8% brew with an OG of 1.079. I've had previous poor efficiency when using oats and wheat but...
  2. Kye

    Verdant Yeast -1 pack or 2?

    Hi all I'm brewing a Verdant style IPA tomorrow to 6.5%, I have bought 2 packs of the Lallemand dry yeast but wondering whether I actually need them both. it's a 20l batch. Will I get better flavour from more yeast and it being less stressed? I'd rather pitch both packs if it will give a...
  3. Kye

    Please help - Augustiner Helles clone with WLP860

    Hi everyone, Could really do with some help here, I am currently fermenting an all-grain Augustiner Helles brew with staggeringly slow results. The brew day went perfectly and I hit target gravity at 1.053, no issues to report at all, however it took 3 days for any bubbling to start in the...
  4. Kye

    Drip Tray for Keezer

    After many months of kitchen roll on the garage floor to catch drips and overflow, and deliberating on how to attach a drip tray without making a mess of the keezer, I finally got round to doing something about it and thought I'd post the results in case others face a similar dilemma. Drip tray...
  5. Kye

    Hammer of Thor - Kegged?

    Anyone got experience kegging this kit beer? I'm assuming being a kit (and I think more of an ale type yeast given fermentation temp) it doesn't need to be lagered for 4 or more weeks in the same way an all grain lager would. I've been drinking IPA kits from Mangrove Jacks and others as soon...
  6. Kye

    Heating Tube for Fermenter Fridge

    Hi all, I've just picked up a tall larder fridge that I plan to use for controlled temp fermentation via an inkbird. Can anyone recommend a heating tube/other heating equipment that they have used in a similar set up and that has been proven to work well? Need to operate in the 12C to 23C...
  7. Kye

    Belated Hello from Watford

    Been a member since the Summer but not posted my hello message yet and felt bad about it so here goes! I dabbled in home brewing over the last few years prob doing the grand sum of around 4 kits over a couple of years. One benefit of the lockdown and working at home for the last 9 months has...