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  1. emerson909

    Ubidots variable resolution

    Anybody else noticed a change in their ubidots plots? I have SG as a calculated variable but it has recently started to only plot to 2 decimal places, it used to show a smooth curve but now just shows step changes as below. Can't work out why it is doing it, any ideas?
  2. emerson909

    Wanted - Angram CO Handle

    I’ve acquired an Angram CO that is missing the handle assembly. Has anybody got a spares and repairs one to sell? Cheers
  3. emerson909

    Angram CO Tube

    I need to replace the tube that connects the cylinder to the spout on an Angram CO beer engine. can anybody recommend the right tube? Think it’s 1/4” ID, I’ve tried braided PVC which is too firm and normal PVC and silicone which both kink. The original was some sort of thick walled tube but...
  4. emerson909

    Topping up keg with fresh beer

    Has anybody got experience of topping up a half empty keg with fresh beer? I can brew about 25l on my kit, I normally fill a keg and bottle the rest but I’ve brewed the same recipe twice and was thinking of just putting the extra in to the half empty keg with the same beer. I’m using a fermzilla...
  5. emerson909

    Kegland Blowtie users

    question for anybody using the Kegland Blowtie to pressure ferment. I've currently got my first pressurised fermentation underway, I pressurised the fermzilla initially and then set the blowtie to 15 psi. The pressure dropped a few psi before fermentation started but it is now underway and the...