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  1. Richard_H

    Good pubs in Derby

    Morning all Off to Derby this Saturday with a few mates for an all afternoon, evening and most of the night for a good session. We all love good ale and craft beer, does anyone have any recommendations? Ideally ones that serve local beer.thumb.
  2. Richard_H

    Beer related artwork

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum, but I finally finished this which had been some time in the making which I am quite chuffed with the end result This got me thinking has anyone else done anything similar? I'm also looking for some inspiration on a creative way to use some interesting...
  3. Richard_H

    Who makes the best crown caps?

    Evening fellow home brewers Probably one of the most boring subjects to be posted on here but while bottling my grapefruit and blood orange kveik yesterday I had to use 2 different 26mm caps due to my insufficient stock and it become quite obvious that the Malt Miller branded caps were far...
  4. Richard_H

    Lidl Belhaven craft beer box

    Hello fellow brewers Thought i would give a quick heads up that Lidl are selling Belhaven craft beer box with 6 bottles for £8.99 which i thought was worth a punt and it includes an oatmeal stout, oak aged ale, IPA, strong Scottish ale, pilsner and another ale. ABV ranges from 4.8%- 7.4%. I...
  5. Richard_H

    Beer will not clear, too much yeast?

    Afternoon all I decided i quite fancied something like the Flying Dog Raging Bitch IPA which uses Belgian yeast so i used this 6+kg beast of a kit: And due to the weather and the need of a Belgian yeast i...
  6. Richard_H

    Lidl Belgian beer offers

    Morning fellow home brewers Am sure a few of you already know but Belgian beer seems popular on here so thought a quick heads up would make sense. The famous 6 beer box is back @ £10.99 with 2 Piraat 2 Gulden Draak and 2 Bornem but they are also selling 4 Corsendonk Summum beers for £6.99...
  7. Richard_H

    First TC, real summer fruit mix

    Hello fellow home brewer's Thought i best start a new thread as after about a week researching turbo ciders i decided to crack on with my first attempt and although its still fermenting the sample i tasted at 1.010 was superb! so i will share my recipe and see what you think: 15L Lidl 100%...
  8. Richard_H

    Barley Wine with 40g ale yeast, fermenting for 4 weeks but is it done?

    Afternoon fellow brewers I started the Beerworks English Barley Wine kit 4 weeks ago today fully expecting today to bottle it but a quick gravity check revealed it has dropped a point in a few days and has dropped by 2 points since last Friday. Normally i would just go ahead and bottle as 4...
  9. Richard_H

    Beerworks - Will's Olde English Ale

    For my 7th kit i decided that i quite fancy a strong traditional English ale,having stumbled across the Beerworks kits thanks to this forum some of them really caught my eye. However reviews for the Beerworks range are rather thin on the ground so i thought i would contribute. The main reason...