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  1. Binkei Huckaback

    Postage charges

    But if it's not charged as P&P, you're paying for it somewhere else. And you're not purely paying for what it costs to transport from shop to customer, are you? Have you considered how much extra time, plastic, cardboard, packing tape, checking of paperwork and printing labels takes for 35 x 1kg...
  2. Binkei Huckaback

    TCP Off-Flavours

    Nothing will be sterile unless it the container and anything going in it is sterile. The best you can hope for is to sanitise. Bleach is apparently the most effective sanitiser, but must be used at the correct concentration (I don't know what that is). A no-rinse sanitiser is best. It's not as...
  3. Binkei Huckaback

    Postage charges

    I think it's a little bit unfair to blame the online sellers completely for the demise of LHBS. I suspect the main factors for the demise of the local homebrew shop is mainly the number of customers in any given area. If there only got a hundred people willing to travel to your shop, that's your...
  4. Binkei Huckaback

    Postage charges

    The threshold for free shipping does seem to have risen over the last few years. Is the disparity in carriage charges for flour vs grain not a volume issue as well as weight issue? Flour is very fine, so takes up less space per kilo. You can probably get more flour on a lorry or van in terms of...
  5. Binkei Huckaback

    Edward Colston statue case could be sent to appeal court

    Hadn't the people of Bristol been calling for the removeal of the stague for some time?
  6. Binkei Huckaback

    The art of parking.

    How can none of you know that buying an expensive and/or German car gives you the right to take up two spaces or a disabled designated space?
  7. Binkei Huckaback

    Storing beer prior to bottling?

    You might find some taint if beer is in them for some time. I don't know if beer will react with them in a different way to water and these are probably only designed to be used for a no longer than a long weekend at most. I'd dispense from them (gravity or with a handpull) assuming they're...
  8. Binkei Huckaback

    The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

    But I'm not trying to prove anything. Just saying that no-one can really know for certain one way or another. Everything in opinion polls is just that. Unqualified opinion. And probably a lot of those people couldn't manage their own finances properly.
  9. Binkei Huckaback

    The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

    Sorry, I think you've missed out some words there.
  10. Binkei Huckaback

    EU Drafting Law Allowing Seizure of Private Property During Pandemic Emergencies

    To be honest, I don't see what the problem is. And “will not allow corporate interests to interfere with the greater interest of the...people” is exactly what I'd like to see.
  11. Binkei Huckaback

    The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

    Ah, the *polls* show. That's opinion, not fact or even a qualified guess. While a lot of science goes into polling to get as broad a demographic as possible, they still only tell us what people think. A good supplementary question would have been 'have you sat down with the Labour manifesto...
  12. Binkei Huckaback

    The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

    How do you know that? It's impossible to predict. And whether or not they are to be trusted with the economy depends on your view. The economy belongs to everyone, not just the rich. If a party taxes people who can afford to pay to help the less well off in society, invests in infrastructure and...
  13. Binkei Huckaback

    Storing beer prior to bottling?

    How akin to polypins are they and once bottled, are you giving any away? You could always rack into your 'polypin', prime and keep an eye on it and dispense from the polypin. It'll take longer to condition than bottles though.
  14. Binkei Huckaback

    Is this the beginning of the end for the Conservatives.

    I doubt it. Johnson is eady to get rid of as he's only the PM. What's more difficult is getting rid of those who hold the real power like Rees Mogg.
  15. Binkei Huckaback

    The O2 arena

    Oh. I thought this was going to be a thread about the Millennium Dome. How disappointing.
  16. Binkei Huckaback

    Tesco's beer choice

    Have you noticed Fullers haven't produced one this year? It took their social media people well over a week to get back to me when I DM'd the on Twitter and the message I left on their answer machine still hasn't been refurned.
  17. Binkei Huckaback

    Built in water filter

    Exactly. But I can't see how it can keep that long. When I used to use Videne, I remember being advised that in a hard water area to use citric acid in it (though I now think that was also something to do with altering the ph levels) and that it was also a usedmful indicator in that once the...
  18. Binkei Huckaback

    Built in water filter

    This is in the FAQ section of the website: HOW LONG IS STAR SAN GOOD FOR ONCE IT’S MIXED INTO A SOLUTION? Star San is an EPAs registered sanitizer and must be used immediately. We do not recommend using it if has been in solution longer than an hour. That said, Charlie Talley, the product's...
  19. Binkei Huckaback

    Built in water filter

    I bought an inline system without a tap (it's connected to the cold water tap in the kitchen) from Osmio a few years ago. Their customer service is very good and they'll send you reminder emails when it's time to order new filters. I think I expected it to do more than it does, but that's my...
  20. Binkei Huckaback

    Corny kegs without C02

    I'm pretty sure you do need C02 in order to seal the keg and would say using C02 bulbs to seal and then dispense a bit counter productive (not to mention very expensive, unless you really don't have room for a small gass bottle). Also, I've seen some American videos on YouTube of people doing...