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  1. Tripster

    Do I Chance It

    Good Afternoon I hope this Is In the right section If not my opologies My Query Is this I was going to do a brew this afternoon Wilcos Golden Ale. I normally use Wilco's Gervin Ale yeast as recommended on this forum but unfortunately Wilcos have run out:-( I have a couple of sachets at home but...
  2. Tripster

    Bottled Water & Star-San

    Hi All I've noticed a few of you use Ashbeck water from Tescos to dilute Star-San with. My question Is, Is other supermarket water not as good ie: acidity or alkalinity values. Thanks Pete
  3. Tripster

    smells a bit funny

    I did a Wilco cervesa brew 2 weeks ago sanatized everything apart from the fv :doh:( total lack of concentration). Anyway I went to bottle It today and I noticed there was some nasty looking lumps floating on top (sorry no pics) smells a bit funny but taste ok but I decided to bottle It anyway...