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  1. Bando


    I really want to know what's the weirdest strangest ingredients you've ever made a wine with? Strange herbs, spices, vegetables? Really curious please let me know
  2. Bando

    Mint & Lime Wine

    Thought I'd post since everyone has said its by far their favourite that I make, 5 litre/ 1gallon recipe 10 limes zested and juiced 3 packets of i believe 50gram of fresh mint( whatever those small fresh packets tesco, asda sell them in by the vegetables) Whack all in food processor or if needed...
  3. Bando

    First post, corker mashing up corks

    Dunno what goes wrong but 80% of the time my corker mashes the hell out of my corks and the seal is terrible, almost broken completely and difficult to use a corkscrew to remove and try again without contaminating the wine attached pixture below, most are worse than that that I've done recently