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  1. A fool's paradise

    The TV Licence.

    Let people decide if they want it or not, if the BBC are happy with their programme output then if it was a subscription service the vast majority would subscribe and anyone who wanted something different wouldn't, obvious really. Maybe they will look at their wage structure as well, plenty of...
  2. A fool's paradise

    Warning of wine and spirits shortage at Christmas

    FAKE NEWS, just like the petrol shortage, don't fall for it and shop normally !!
  3. A fool's paradise

    Gozdawa Expert Baltic Porter opinions?

    If you watch 'Beer kit reviews Partridge' on youtube you'll see they have reviewed a few of the Gozdawa kits and they are far from impressed although they have not had this particular one. They are great to watch generally and their reviews are always entertaining too.
  4. A fool's paradise


    You mean Steven isn't chatting to just me and chats to you all............gutted, I thought he was my new mate ashock1 Fantastic company and brilliant service too.
  5. A fool's paradise

    lots of residue when bottling

    Be careful with this though if your brews are hoppy as it will introduce oxygen no matter how careful you are and that might cause oxydation and dark brown beer.........
  6. A fool's paradise

    Grapefruit IPA

    Cascade give a good grapefruit taste so as The Baron said move the Cascade bittering hops to either whirlpool or dry hop so you double the quantity thumb.
  7. A fool's paradise

    Do you scrape off the pre-boil foam?

    I do, read somewhere it can add to bitterness and astringency which I certainly don't want. Maybe a waste of time but it doesn't take much time or effort so i'll continue.
  8. A fool's paradise

    Verdant Yeast -1 pack or 2?

    Yep, I do 10 litre batches and use half a pack and it works well athumb..
  9. A fool's paradise

    So who's growing chillies 2021?

    Yes, i'm growing those for the very 1st time this year, picked some on Monday to throw into a pot of chilli con carne, took a small piece to taste, hottest thing i've ever tasted, nearly dissolved my tongue..........:)
  10. A fool's paradise


    Just leave them, much misunderstood and do a good job of pollinating and controlling other pests. Why do we have to kill everything, let them live their lives in their little world...........
  11. A fool's paradise

    Cider kit

    Ciders can certainly get down to 1.000 and they are definitely not water :)
  12. A fool's paradise

    New Limited Edition Kit Giveaway! From Love Brewing!!!

    Oh yes please, love your cider kits and would be happy with any of these three :)
  13. A fool's paradise

    A Year of Brewing - My own scores

    I normally do BiaB beers but do enjoy a good cider too. The only ones I've done were the Ciderworks ones. 2 x Superior apple and 1 x Superior Elderflower. They were all fantastic although I didn't really detect any elderflower taste which was a shame. The last apple one I added a dry hop of...
  14. A fool's paradise

    Ciderworks (and others) apple cider kit musings

    I've done 3 of the Ciderworks kits now and they are fantastic. Just follow the instructions and you can't really go wrong. My last one, the Superior Apple, I decided to dry hop with some Citra, worked very well and adds an extra something :)
  15. A fool's paradise

    Incognito Hop Extract.

    Well I tried the Mosaic Incognito from Geterbrewed today and found it super easy. I was worried that it would be thick and sticky, especially as I only wanted to use half of the 15 ml vial as my batch size was about 10 lts but that wasn't the case at all although I did heat it up in a cup of...
  16. A fool's paradise

    Splitting An All Grain.

    I do 10 - 11 lts BiaB and heard great things about Dark Rock kits so I've been thinking the same way about splitting the pack in two. I think the way to do the grain is to place it all into a large plastic trug style bucket and stir around so all the grain is properly mixed up, then take half...
  17. A fool's paradise

    Single hop ale with Azacca - Advice please

    I love Azacca and have done quite a few brews, all 10 lts thoughts, it's too good to use for bittering, i'd not bother and i'd certainly use all 50 g, that's if you like hoppy beers of course. Personally i'd do : 10g at 10 mins, 15g at flameout (about 75c for 30 mins) and 25g...
  18. A fool's paradise

    Incognito Advanced Hop Products for Home Brewers

    It's a bit confusing i'll admit, Geterbrewed do 15 ml and Maltmiller do 15g, wonder if that means 1 ml = 1 g ??
  19. A fool's paradise

    Incognito Advanced Hop Products for Home Brewers

    From what i've read it is incredibly sticky so if you added at 75c it might not dissolve properly. I assume even a whirlpool would have to be as hot as possible to get it to work properly.........
  20. A fool's paradise

    Incognito Advanced Hop Products for Home Brewers

    Do you think you could miss out the dry hop stage entirely if you use this at the whirlpool instead. I do 10 lts batches so was thinking of using 1 x 15ml tube ??