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  1. Paul Roberts

    Muntons liquid malt recipie suggestions

    I stumbled across the following link from muntons with suggestions on what beers to make fron their new liquid malt extract range : In the instructions they say to add hops when you add yeast. Would adding hops that early be OK?
  2. Paul Roberts

    American equivalents

    I have a homebrew book which is American. In a number of recipes they call for crystal 15 degree and crystal 40 degree. I have searched various websites like TMM etc but it's not obvious what the UK equivalent would be. Any ideas from the hive mind would be gratefully received
  3. Paul Roberts

    Co2 leak?

    Hi I have a sodastream adaptor with a kegland mk4 regulator. I have a leak somewhere as I have gone through 3 sodastream bottles trying to carb a keg. I cant see an obvious leak on the keg. It hold the gas for 5 days or so and then somewhere in day 6 or 7 the bottle empties. Any ideas on what...
  4. Paul Roberts

    Fridge freezer

    Hi I have a fridge freezer and want to turn the fridge part into a kegerator. I have seen on various vidoes people use the drainage hole for the gas line. Just wondering if its possible to do that in a fridge freezer and if anyone has before I order a length of tubing to try
  5. Paul Roberts

    Pressure fermentation

    Hi I've been reading abotu pressure fermentation and just wanted to run this by the group to make sure I have soem sort of understanding. In theory I could brew a lager, ferment under pressure at 18°c then keg and lager it in my fridge for 4-6 weeks before serving? Realise that is a...
  6. Paul Roberts

    German beer suppliers

    Hi I stumbled across a thread last year where there were links to a couple of German beer suppliers in Germany. For the life of me I can't find them now. Can anyone tell me the sites please
  7. Paul Roberts

    Pressure barrel stained line

    I have a pressure barrel as well as some cornys. I've just finished a brew in the PB and am cleaning it out but the line for the float is stained. I have used Vwp and plenty of hot water but this is still stained. Presume this is never going to to be clear like my beer lines to the corny?
  8. Paul Roberts

    Induction hob

    Hi I'm looking at a 20/25l stove top pot. The new malt Miller ones look of interest. One avenue is to use a portable induction burner. However they all state max pot size 28cm. Does anyone use an induction burner with a pot larger than the burner? If so is it still effective
  9. Paul Roberts


    Hi, very seriously considering a move into kegs. Was looking at aeb 9 litre or 12litre mainly due to space. My other issue is I dont necessarily have space to dedicate a whole fridge to them. Could they be chilled down in an Ice bucket for serving. Also once the keg is carbonated does the...
  10. Paul Roberts

    Hop flavour profiles

    Hi all About to get into AG, having immersed myself in Clibits thread. Is there a guide to hop flavour profiles on here or would anyone recommend a book that goes into some detail.
  11. Paul Roberts

    Brewferm party keg tap

    Hi , popped open my first mini keg using the brewferm party keg tap with co2 cylinder. All I'm getting is alot of foam. Which after while settles into some tasty beer. What have I done writng to be pouring foam?
  12. Paul Roberts


    Apologies for a repeated thread I'm bottling today and going with mini kegs Planning on 15g sugar per keg It's an IPA kit Sound right ?
  13. Paul Roberts

    Brew kettles

    Hi I'm partway through my first brew from extract and am already looking to switch to all grain. Ambitious as ever. Obviously loads of different systems but I like the look of the ssbrewtech brew kettles. Can a 5.5 gallon kettle be heated for biab on an electric cooker top or would people...
  14. Paul Roberts

    Starter kit

    I'm taking the plunge this week and going to brew from a kit. Looking at a fermenter kit , will I need a second barrel to siphon the beer into before bottling or is one fermenter barrel enough to start with ?
  15. Paul Roberts

    Brewing noob

    Hi I am looking at starting to homebrew and confused about what kit I need. I think initially a 5 gallon kit will be too big. Was thinking about a 1 gallon or 2 gallon kit. My question is could I ferment 1 gallon in a 2 gallon container or would this cause problems? Also any pointers on what...