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  1. Tripster

    Lager, NOT larger!

    Surely It's litres not liters
  2. Tripster

    Joke of the day.

    I can assure I am no snowflake, as for a wxxxxr that makes at least two of us on this forum.:tongue:
  3. Tripster

    Joke of the day.

    And what sort of ****** are you?
  4. Tripster

    Which movie(s) have you watched recently?

    Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie. Brilliant line from a brilliant film. IMHO Clint Eastwood Is up there with the best In acting and directing
  5. Tripster

    Harry and Megan.

    If Harry jacks It all In and moves abroad will he get his dole money, housing benifit and council tax benifit stopped?? Bring on the Republic :coat:
  6. Tripster

    Tonight's election programming

    A valid point mateathumb.. Maybe I will vote But I'd vote Tory like I allways have done I'm pretty sure they would they would want my vote.
  7. Tripster

    Tonight's election programming

    I agree evreyone who can vote should vote. Ive always voted. local elections, Parish council elections, general elections & refferendems I used to love politics . But after the last shambles where we were lied to by all parties and people started stamping their feet and chucking their toys out...
  8. Tripster

    Things I've seen when riding my bike

    Thats interesting where abouts In the Chilterns did you go to? the reason I ask Is I reside In he Chilterns area (Aylesbury) but lived In a place called Wendover which Is known as the gateway to the Chilterns and Is a straight run by train from marylebone.
  9. Tripster


    I'm a tory voter allways haave been but!!! I never for one moment thought he would be PM. I don't think he's that clever just coz he's Eton & oxford educated & can speak a few languages personally I think he's a complete f*ckwit. But saying that he was probally the best out of the other limp...
  10. Tripster

    Are you religious?

    I will miss him too. he was one of the main reasons I read this forum. He always made me laugh.
  11. Tripster

    Its too hot!

    I got back on Monday after 7 days In the Algarve 33+ degrees walking about In flip flops, shorts ,t-shirt and a hat no sunburn or any heat related ailments. back to work Tuesday on a building site wearing boots, shorts, t-shirt, hi-vis and hard hat and I get sunburn and heat rash. how the f*ck...
  12. Tripster

    Help wanted with brewery Floor.

    Thinking about It another way would be to make a 4 inch concrete slab. scrape of the top soil make It as level as you can for the size of your shed buy some ordinary sterling board OSB from a builders merchant (cheaper than ply) cut into 4 inch strips and use as shuttering fill to the top with...
  13. Tripster

    Help wanted with brewery Floor.

    The site I'm working on at the moment the ground workers are putting In shed bases by just scraping of a bit of top soil and shuttering It with some 3x1 or 75mm x 25mm In new money and then concreting it with no hardcore sub base so ending up with a 75mm slab but the sheds will have there own...
  14. Tripster

    Sterilising bottles

    After having a batch of gushers I decided re- evaluate my bottle cleaning process. This Is now what I do After emptying contents of bottle I thoroughly rinse with warm water, when I have about 20-25 bottles I then soak In a solution of oxi for about 10 mins and use the bottle brush on em' I...
  15. Tripster

    Help wanted with brewery Floor.

    Hi NIGHTSKY BREWING My advice would be Depending on what type of soil you have /clay, flinty clay or chalk then dig down about 75mm blind with about 3 mm of cheap crappy sand put In damp proof membrane (DPM) you can buy this from any builders merchant Visqueen Is the most common brand used or...
  16. Tripster

    The Home Brew Forum World Cup Competition

    Belgium Spain Serbia Russia
  17. Tripster

    Forum Member Map.

    HP21 8ER Aylesbury Bucks. Cheers Chippy.
  18. Tripster

    Free! Inkbird second-hand BBQ thermometer product.

    would lurve a BBQ thermo
  19. Tripster

    Giveaway Inkbird temperature controller!

    A 308 would be a very nice addition to my set-up.