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  1. BlackRegent

    Brewzilla Gen 4

    If you look at the photos, it seems that the drain port passes through the pump before it gets to the tap, meaning there is no way of emptying the vessel without using the pump. That seems a curious design choice. Pump blockages will be a disaster.
  2. BlackRegent

    First brew fermenting with Fermentasaurus

    As other threads have demonstrated, we all have different opinions on the merits (or otherwise) of fermenting under pressure. Probably best we don't go back there 🙃
  3. BlackRegent

    Brewzilla Gen 4

    @Eskimo John Wait to see the specs of the new Brewzilla 65L. There's a new one coming at at the same time as the new 35L. It's just they haven't released the specs yet. They might address the power issue. I would be surprised if they neglected the UK market yet again.
  4. BlackRegent

    Verdant Putty

    @Kye Here's my work in progress recipe. I first put it together a year ago and, truth be told, I've not got round to brewing it yet! The other thing missing is water treatment. Again, not something I got round to thinking about. If anyone has...
  5. BlackRegent

    Brewzilla Gen 4

    The current 65L has 3 elements which take it over 3kw when all three are switched on. 3kw is the limit for UK domestic sockets with a 13A fuse. It means you would have to get an electrician to put together a custom installation to allow you to use it. That's meant the 65L is a bit of a white...
  6. BlackRegent

    Brewzilla Gen 4

    Just noticed that they've removed the central overflow pipe. I wonder what the plan is for safeguarding against overflow. The new style malt pipe doesn't appear to be perforated like the new Grainfathers.
  7. BlackRegent

    Brewzilla Gen 4

    The specs of the new Brewzilla Gen 4 are now available on the Kegland website Have to say it's not as revolutionary an upgrade as I was expecting and I'm not seeing anything that would...
  8. BlackRegent

    Verdant Putty

    This year's now live on the website
  9. BlackRegent

    First brew fermenting with Fermentasaurus

    @Buffers brewery The PRV does act as a sort of spunding valve - just one that has a single setting of 10psi
  10. BlackRegent

    First brew fermenting with Fermentasaurus

    If you're 20 hours in, there may be a build up of pressure already. I would pull the PRV to depressurise the vessel and then unscrew the PRV slightly so that the gas can release naturally. When you're ready to carbonate, screw the PRV back in and let the pressure build.
  11. BlackRegent

    Equipment For Sale Co2 Regulator

    I'll take this if it's still available
  12. BlackRegent


    If you want to buy new, I would really recommend Drinkstuff. Huge range, cheap prices and fairly quick delivery. Beware they do use Hermes for delivery (IIRC) but I've had no problems to date over c 4 or 5 deliveries. Nucleated is nucleated so I wouldn't be too concerned about performance...
  13. BlackRegent

    Tall refurbed kegs

    I'm not aware of anyone who sells refurbed taller kegs. As you say, they all seem to be the older style shorter and wider ones. Your best bet would be to buy second hand and keep an eye on the classified ads on this forum, FB Marketplace or the brewing buy and sell groups on FB. They come up for...
  14. BlackRegent

    Beer styles and pressure fermenting

    Fermenting under pressure is quite a polarising topic so I'll keep my comments focussed to avoid reopening the debate. There are lots of threads on the forum where the pros and cons are discussed. I personally wouldn't ferment under pressure any beer that derives an important part of its...
  15. BlackRegent

    The Quest for the Perfect Bitter

    I've found the same with homebrew. The first session from a freshly brewed and properly conditioned keg of bitter can be a delight, but it loses its magic over the days and weeks it takes to finish it. I also think context is important to your appreciation of a beer. The best bitter I recall...
  16. BlackRegent

    Wheeler's BYOBRA - Is this all the editions available?

    I've got the latest version. Is it worth picking up any of the earlier versions? My assumption has always been that the recipes and techniques were refined and improved over time so that the latest version represents the best content. Am I wrong?
  17. BlackRegent

    Fermenting vessel options

    Fermenter King Snubnose Collection bottles are a needless complication and can be frustrating, so just go with one with a conical bottom. If you want a dry hop port and greater...
  18. BlackRegent

    Mash pH meter

    I've had the cheap pH meters and they are a load of crap to be honest. I've now got the Apera PH60 and I feel like I have something that will last me a long time, provided I look after it. There is a bit more faff in that you have to make sure the sensor bulb doesn't dry out by storing it in a...
  19. BlackRegent

    Free Yeast!

    Interesting you thought you had a stuck ferm. I've just done a weissbier with WLP300 (reputedly the same Weihenstephan 68 source - check out W 68 – Brewery yeast top-fermenting | Hefebank Weihenstephan) and it went off like a rocket, but knocked off the final 10 points very slowly. I didn't do...
  20. BlackRegent

    Anyone use yeast nutrient?

    Does anyone have experience on using yeast from previous batches as yeast nutrient? If so, do they have reliable information on dosing rates and risks to be aware of? As I recycle yeast through overbuilding starters, all my post-fermentation yeast goes down the plug hole, which always brings a...